Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Birthday "Tea" Party :)

Our littlest "charmer" turned 5 yesterday :)

So we decided to host a "Tea Party" on the patio to celebrate.

We brought a little table and chairs outside.  Layered up the linens and added "chair covers"

...and pink.

I've been collecting these sweet vintage linens since before she was born.

"Real flowers"...of course ;)

We added place cards on old hinges...

...and invited a friend.

On the Menu...
1.  Vanilla Yogurt and Strawberry Parfaits...with sprinkles.

2.  Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches...cut with little flower cookie cutters.

3.  Brownie Bites with Frosting...and more sprinkles.

And instead of real tea, we had what we called "Pink-a-ccinos"
(steamed milk with strawberry syrup and pink whipped topping)
As you can see by that face...they were a hit :)

Thanks for the visit, have a great day!!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Door Latch Arm...turned handy hook

I've been "saving" one more little idea from our "MASTER" BEDROOM...

We got this old perfectly rusty and crusty "door latch arm" off of an old barn we were allowed to salvage/pick from a few years ago.  I posted about it on Junk Market Style...if you would like to take a peek at the other goodies we grabbed, you can see more photos HERE.

Screwed to the's a great place to hang some pretties made by some of my favorite junk friends...
Coffee sack bag by Marge of Emma's Nook and Granny
Redesigned necklaces by Gretchen of Mimi-Torias's Designs
Scarves by Target anther "dear friend" :)

But dare I say... usually looks more like this :)

Yep, looks much better like this :)

Thanks for visiting...
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We've been out of town the last few weekends to I've missed out on the fun of the weekend parties :( 
But we are enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer vacation :)
How about you??  Does it seem like things get crazy this time of year...squeezing in end of summer activities and adding in early fall activities??  Bitter-sweet...

Chat soon,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Front Entry...aka "Sitting Room", revisited...

Last week I showed you new photos of my favorite room...the Great Room.  You can see that post HERE.
While I took those pictures...I took new pictures of our Entry/Sitting Room too...

We actually use this room a lot.  It's the perfect spot to relax and enjoy your morning coffee.

You might recognize my "HOME made" rug.  You can see that post HERE.

Do you remember my entry bench made from a industrial "materials" rack?  It was one of my favorite "finds" from the Country Junk Sale last can see that post HERE.

This is the "Entry" portion of the I am typing this, I am realizing how much better that closet turned pantry would look with burlap type curtain hanging there instead of those bi-fold doors.  To be continued :)

And still one of my all time favorite posts...this chippy flower basket turned light fixture.  You can re-visit that HERE.

Did I ever show you the "baby gates" my husband made when my son was little?  These steps lead down to the family room.  And can be a tempting spot to take a "bumpy" ride on your push car...both kids tried it.  Thankfully only bumps and bruised :(

Just some scrap wood, bead board and hardware did the trick.  I haven't had the heart to take them down yet...

...besides, they fold up right to the wall and out of the way.  They still come in very handy for little visitors :)

This old ice chest holds many a kid games and toys.

And a couple of other favorite posts...

And last but not least...I love to play around with the vintage treasures in these little cubby shelves. I asked my hubby to add them when he was framing in the archway when building the addition.  I think it adds a little extra charm.

Wow, thanks for taking this little walk down "Memory Lane" with me!  It's always fun to peek back.  And since many of those posts were some of my "firsts"...there may be some of you that are seeing them for the first time??  Hope so :)

Have a great rest of your week!!
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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Great Room...Summer 2012

I first showed you my Great Room in June 2011.

This is by far my favorite room in my house.  Big and wide open...full of special pieces and collected finds.

Another angle...that chest belonged to my grandparents.  It was the first thing they bought together when they got married.  I am honored to have it in my home.

The mantle.

I know this might seem like an odd bouquet...but there is just something I love about those chippy/rusty legs...does that surprise you about me?

More rusty treasures.

The "Dining" area...where we rarely "dine"... "Studio".  Because quite often this table is covered in current projects and supplies :)

And other times it is my "Office"...since this is where I stash my business stuff.

Yes, that's real grass...and no, I haven't killed it yet.  Can't believe it.

A bowl full of numbers waiting for a purpose.

And another look at that hutch my husband made out of windows we bought on our honeymoon.  Also, check out my Chipping with Charm sign from my friend Joan aka Signs of the Times.  Love it...thanks again Joan!

One last peek in through the entry/sitting room.  I took new pictures of that room too.  I'll show you more of those next week...
Have a great weekend!

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