Monday, July 30, 2012

"Sweet" Details...Our Little Girl's Room

We interrupt this otherwise "neutral" home to to give you a little "peek" into our daughter's room.

She is a "girly-girl" from head to toe.  So this room is filled with color and "sweet" details. 
She loves to arrange her own pillows and animals on her bed...she calls it her "Princess Bed" :)

These hankies have been collected over time...I can't resist their pretty colors and sweet designs.  We hung them as a banner over her bed...adding to the "Princess" effect.

The icing on the cake :)

This sign was purchased at a silent auction fundraiser for her was made by one of my dear friends, Bridget.  I love it...and I can't think of a better way to start the day :)

(Do you recognize the chippy frame?  The "sister" frame is hanging above our bed under the LADDER CANOPY.)

The wreath is a brighter version of the JELLO MOLD WREATH I made for our kitchen.

I tied these ribbon strands on to the frame to hold all those crazy hair clips that we find ALL OVER the house...corrals the clips and add to the "whimsy" of the room.

Another "sweet" idea?  A cake mold spray painted pink and "frosted" with white puffy paint holds her headbands.

A little wooden doll bed makes a nice shelf.

I loved the color of this old chippy drawer...with a little reminder to help her sleep peacefully.

A window treatment of vintage linens and collected treasures.

And speaking of "collected treasures" ;)

Do you remember this "O HAPPY DAY" WREATH?

And last but not least...a little pastel colored "junk".  Couldn't resist :)
So there you have "itty bitty" room full of sweet details...anyone else need a glass of milk?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shoe Forms and Old Photos...a valance?

So I got this idea for valances in our family room a few months ago.

My husband helped me hang these shoe forms on the inside of the windows "like so". 
We just happened to have an old curtain rod in the garage that fit into the holes in the form PERFECTLY, imagine that?  It was even long enough to cut into 2 pieces, one for each window.

And then there they sat.
I tried many things hanging off of that rod...
1. Dish towels
2. Braided rugs
3. Burlap
4. Coffee sacks
5. Table runners
6.  Brown Kraft paper
...and more
Nothing was quite right.

Then this weekend I was sorting through some old photos of my grandparents and inspiration hit.

Why not photos?
See the trouble with of the other options was that this room is already dark...and all of those other choices just closed of the space. This option keeps things a little lighter...and now I get to look at these special pictures everyday :)

Aren't they cute?

I love this one :)
It took me quite a while to notice the extra person sitting on the ground below them.  Having fun with friends...I love to think of them that way!

I couldn't resist adding a little "junk" here...

...and there.

Window #1

And window #2

I think I like it...but I have a feeling these are going to be fun to "switch up".  Greens for Christmas?  Book pages with letters?  We'll see :)

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Playing" with a Mailbox...for storage

I'm always "playing" around with ways to keep necessities...handy but hidden.

This re-purposed mailbox is the perfect place to stash wipes, sunscreen etc. on our deck.

I just used twine to hang it from an exterior light.  I added the vinyl letters just for "fun". 
The newspaper hooks work great for hanging towels...

...all very handy on our deck...
(more photos of our deck-orating HERE)

Because now that it's hot, hot, hot...the pool is OPEN :)

OK, no pool this will do...for now ;)

Thanks for the visit! 
Have a great weekend...stay cool!!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Room by Room...the "Master" Bedroom

Hello friends...a while back I started you on a "Room by Room" tour at our house.  If you were following along "way back then" you may have noticed that the tour just stopped.  I realized I still had a few projects to finish up before I showed you around.  One of those projects was a "headboard" in our room. 
Since the completion of the LADDER CANOPY over our bed...I think I'm finally ready to show you around :)

So, we are in room #202 :)
(Be warned...this is a little room, with a lot pictures!!)

Shall we start here at our old ladder bed canopy?

The "Mr." gets a couple of stools for his end tables...

The "Mrs."...gets a bench, with a "misplaced" drawer to hide all those books "she" collects :)

We bought 2 of these "grayish brown" dressers from Ikea a couple of years ago...I really wanted to look for unique dressers to paint up, but my impatience won out...Ikea to the rescue :) 

I love this distressed blue tool tote is all layered up on the dresser. 

Looks great with the "sign" over our bed :)

Side note...did you ever notice these old lower case "t" stamps look like crosses?

Or, that an old lamp with a light bulb (unplugged of course!!) makes a great place to hang your hats and accessories?

I've been collecting these dolly dressers and cupboards for a while now...they work great all stacked up for jewelry and other miscellaneous little stuff :)

Moving around the room...there's that other dresser, in the closet.  Can you see in the picture that we replaced the single closet bar with 2 smaller bars "side to side"?  I had to REALLY downsize my wardrobe to fit my stuff on one side...sigh...I DREAM of a walk in closet...someday...

A little problem arrived when the wall anchors poked through into the cute little wall shelves we added...but the stacks of books cover that right up.  There now you know my secret!

You'd never know, right?

Still moving...still with me? 
My husband made me that bead board cupboard for a wedding present.  It lost its spot in the kitchen when we found the old ice chest we use for MOMMY CENTRAL.  So we squeeeezed it in great for extra storage.

Another idea for storing "bits and baubles" about an old mirrored vanity cupboard laying flat for a jewelry box?

I love displaying old photos...these are my maternal grandparents.

And these are my paternal grandparents.

We don't have a floor length mirror in this room...instead these collected mirrors do the trick :)

And this metal paint scraper hanging upside down provides yet another place to hang my junky jewels.

That brings us back to the ladder canopy wall.

As I said it's a little room, so I've had to get "creative" with decor and storage.  There are a few other fun little details I'd like to show you...but since I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with this post...and now I think I need a nap :)...I'll save them for another day. 
Stayed tuned...

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