Friday, April 27, 2012

"Whatsit" Hardware Butterflies

Can you see it?

Would you have seen it before?
I bought these little hardware "whatsits" a few weeks ago at an occasional sale.  I still have no idea what they really are but to me they were destined to be butterflies.

I just happened to already have the PERFECT foam stamp for the wings. 
(By the way 8-year old had borrowed my aqua paint...if you think that bottle looks messy you should have seen his pants and t-shirt.  Oh well..."art IS messy")

I stamped and cut out the wings...on old book pages, of course ;)

Marked my spots for the holes...and then cut them out with a small hole punch.

I used glue dots for some extra "stick"

Then tied them on with skinny twine...for some extra "cute"

Did I mention they even had little holes at the top for a little twine for hanging?

"Meant to be"

Now if only I knew what they really are???  Guess I'll have to head over to the hardware store to find out...I used up the ones I bought :)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"O" Happy Day!

I'm taking a little break from my usual "chippy" or "rusty" posts to show you a little something I made for my little girl's room.

 It all started with this letter "O" I found last weekend for $1 at an antique store.  You might know by now that I have been known to turn everything round into a's a bit of a "problem" :)

I added a little burlap ribbon...with the help of a few vintage pins and clip earrings.

Then I printed out a picture of my little "beach bum" onto cardstock from our recent Florida vacation...and then finished it off with some white paint and letter stamps...

"O Happy Day"...get it?  :)
I think it's the perfect addition to her bright, whimsical, "girly-girl" bedroom.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lamp Baubles...

Is there anything that you "do" that you don't even realize?  The other day a friend was over and she noticed my little lamp baubles...and she was "smitten".  I guess I was surprised...I guess I never really thought they were a big deal.  Kind of like putting on my earrings after I fix my hair, you know?  It's something I do.  It hadn't occured to me to post about it...but then I looked around my house and noticed quite a few of my lamps and fixtures have their "accessories" I decided to share them with you...

These were the ones my friend Shannon really loved.  Just some assorted trinkets hanging over the shade on an S hook...

You might remember these little junk goodies from my FUSSY CHRISTMAS MANTEL garland...anybody know what they are???  I have no idea, I just thought they were cool...rust, numbers, perfectly "aged".  What's not to love :)

Another a little sparkle too.

And then there's this one...can you tell what that is?

An egg yolk separater and a little twine...

...and there you go.  This naked lampshade got a little more "modest".

Or how about a little seam binding and a couple of birdies?

And you are probably sick and tired of this blingy fixture by my front door.
(If not, you can see the rest of the post HERE :)

But have you seen my "P'd" fixture in the stairway?

And then I noticed this sad little fruit basket fixture in my accessories...can you believe it?

A quick couple of flash cards will fix that...for now :)

So there you have little lamp decorating "fixation"...that I didn't even know I had.  How about you?  Any little decorating "obsession" that you want to share with the group?  It's OK...we're all friends here ;)

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celebrating Easter...with a view...

Hello friends...have you missed me?
We spent Spring Break visiting my in-laws down in Florida this year.  I didn't mention it to you last week before we sweet hubby didn't think it was a "good idea" to broadcast that we were out of town for a week over the internet.  Huh...imagine that? ;)
We're home now...and the only projects on the "to do list" today are unpacking and LOTS of laundry! 
Been there?  Yes, I'm sure you have...and since I'm sure you'd rather see just about ANYTHING than a big ol' mountain of dirty clothes...I'll show you a picture of my little family enjoying our Easter near the beach...

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  I look forward to getting back to some creating, and visiting next week. 

See you then,