Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shoe Forms and Old Photos...a valance?

So I got this idea for valances in our family room a few months ago.

My husband helped me hang these shoe forms on the inside of the windows "like so". 
We just happened to have an old curtain rod in the garage that fit into the holes in the form PERFECTLY, imagine that?  It was even long enough to cut into 2 pieces, one for each window.

And then there they sat.
I tried many things hanging off of that rod...
1. Dish towels
2. Braided rugs
3. Burlap
4. Coffee sacks
5. Table runners
6.  Brown Kraft paper
...and more
Nothing was quite right.

Then this weekend I was sorting through some old photos of my grandparents and inspiration hit.

Why not photos?
See the trouble with of the other options was that this room is already dark...and all of those other choices just closed of the space. This option keeps things a little lighter...and now I get to look at these special pictures everyday :)

Aren't they cute?

I love this one :)
It took me quite a while to notice the extra person sitting on the ground below them.  Having fun with friends...I love to think of them that way!

I couldn't resist adding a little "junk" here...

...and there.

Window #1

And window #2

I think I like it...but I have a feeling these are going to be fun to "switch up".  Greens for Christmas?  Book pages with letters?  We'll see :)

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  1. oh that idea is just lovely.
    The windows don't look really the photo seem perfect!
    Very unique idea to put the shoe forms there too. And...Your hubby just put those up there, no questions asked? Do you at least get the look?
    My husband looks at me like a calf looking at new gate. Dumb-struck.
    he he he--- love it!

  2. Great window treatment! I LOVE the idea of using the shoe forms as the curtain rod holder. I have several old shoe forms and am always trying to come up with an idea for them...this is just about the best one I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. I love the shoe forms--brilliant and original!

  4. I love the shoe forms on the side with the bar in between! Great, great idea Laurel!

  5. Love this...great idea! How fun that you can change it out.

  6. Love this idea! My shoe forms are "walking" up the wall ; o ) This is such a unique use for these!

  7. So cute and cleaver and yes, the possibilities are endless for switching up!


  8. Such a neat idea for using shoe forms...LOVE IT!!!


  9. Your idea is adorable and genius! You have such a creative mind!

  10. That's the best 'junk'! I have so many of the same things: the black/white cow tag, old license plates, the vintage racket, the numbers, the wonder I love your house!

  11. How cute is that! You come up with the neatest ideas.

  12. The shoe forms as curtain rod holders is a fun idea and one that I never ever would have thought of. When I saw your thumbnail at Knick Of Time's linky party, my first thought was "that looks like something Laurel would do". And then I clicked on it and it brought me here!

  13. Cute + clever = Chipping with charm!


  14. What a clever idea and since the curtain rod was a perfect fit, it was meant to be. The pictures of your grandparents are just what it needed. Love it!!

  15. This is such a fun idea, Laurel...and I think you're will be so fun to play with through the year!

  16. What a cute idea to use the shoe forms. I love it. The pictures are perfect too.

  17. I love this idea, Laurel! It's a great way to display photos, and the shoe forms are like the icing on the cake, too.

  18. HA! I ADORE this idea!!!

    :) robelyn

  19. Dropping back by to say thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday!

  20. Thanks for linking with us at Hot Fun in the Summertime. This is a great project.

  21. I love the shoe forms! This is a great versatile idea! Thanks for coming to the party!

  22. Junk-lover, shoe form lover, etc. New follower, too!

  23. Very creative and it just fits in perfectly with your other decorations. Thanks for sharing this great idea.
    Hopped over from Honey's 2805.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  24. Great idea for using those! Thanks for partying with us!

  25. Wow - great and creative use for those old shoe stretchers! Can't wait to read your other blogs! Thanks, Kim

  26. Super cut idea! I am now following from Minnesota!

  27. You are featured today at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  28. Hello from your newest follower! Can I just say that I LOVE this idea!?! In fact, I love the ENTIRE WALL! I can't wait to have a look around your blog! xo, Kimberly

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