Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Country Junk Finds...

I promised a peek at the "Country Junk" that came home with me last weekend...so here goes :)  I do have to say I could have bought tons more!  So many cool things...and great prices too.  It was really hard not to be a big ol' "junk pig"...

LOVE this red "Perma Seal" shelf and the big tea box with numbers AND words :)

This was by far my largest purchase.  It was a coat rack from a kindergarden...too cute.  But I have many other ideas for this piece...one being...on my patio for a party draped with hanging jars for fresh flowers and candles.  Can you picture it?

Had to have this little gray trunk.  I (heart) anything gray.

Can't resist a big chippy old mirror.

I thought long and hard about these industrial metal material holders.  In the end...they came home with me.  My husband is going to help me turn this taller one into a little wine station.  Of course I'll show you pictures when it's ready for the "reveal".

And with the addition of a pillow...this one is already serving a new purpose as a cute little bench.

So what do YOU think? 
I'm very happy with my new "junk" :)
Did you find anything fun this weekend?

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  1. I think you did a fantastic job! I especially love the red shelf and the box with letters and numbers (I also must bring home anything with numbers!)

  2. I love that you buy your "junk" with a purpose already in mind. Can't wait to see these pieces put to use!!


  3. Really neat finds! You have such great ideas for your "junk." I also like your POST CARD pillow. Enjoy every visit to your blog.

  4. What a great shopping day you had! I really love the red shelf (red is my fav color). Can't wait to see the decorated coat rack. Your idea sounds great!

  5. OMG my Mom just gave me a box like your gray one, she said she thought it was an old WWII ammunition Box. I have not researched it though


  6. You got some great junk there! (and some very cool ideas for it too) Can't wait to see the reveals on these pieces.

  7. Oh my. I'm coveting your new finds!

  8. Now that is a serious good honk! Those finds are fantastic !
    I love the red metal stand. But the kindergarten rack is so precious.
    Smiles, Alice

  9. OH Laurel! I LOVE every.single.thing.
    You had one great day...and I think the bench is wonderful!

  10. LOVE your new stuff! Oh my, I can hardly wait to see the wine holder! :) love the pillow on the little metal holder. You did good, girl!


  11. GREAT finds! I love the coat rack - you can do some many things with that!

  12. Ya done gooood! Love the bench and that K coat rack should be in GA!!! At my house!

  13. Wow! I'd be happy with your haul too. I love it all, especially that red shelf. I will be back to see what you do with that awesome coat rack.

  14. WOW! I love the kindergarten rack. How much you pay for it? I would put a custom sized mirror in the opening and definitely would not leave it on the patio to be rained on. It so old I can't see it standing up to much weather. I would be a nice focal point for the dining room. No one else would have one like it that is for sure.

    I also love the post card pillow but was probably store bought? I have some great post cards of local notables I would love to repurpose like that.

  15. Great junk and it sounds like you had a lot more restraint than I would have!!
    The little bench turned out very cute!

  16. A great shopping day you had. I really wonder the red shelf, I also prefer red colour in any furnitures. Can't wait to see the decorated coat rack. Your idea sounds great!


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