Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quick Fall Mantle Update...and a confession...

Well, I finally got around to sprucing up my mantle for fall...



I didn't do much...most of the elements I love too much to put away.

Switched out candles for

...and here...

...and added a few rusty favorite :)

And this little cutie...he's part of the "confession" I mentioned...

  I am so very tired of hauling seasonal bins, and packing and unpacking seasonal decor items.  This is one of few fall things that I have left!!!  GASP right???
I guess I decided I would much rather store less, and re-purpose more everyday junk into seasonal decor...such as the old broom top I used in my centerpiece I showed you HERE. And adding in a few natural elements like pumpkins for fall and fresh greens at Christmas.  
This might not seem like much of a confession to you...but I used to be "that girl" who had 6 huge bins of fall decor and another 16 bins (slight exaggeration...but only "slight") of Christmas. It just got to be too much.

This is another item that made "the cut".  For some reason I just LOVE this fall oil painting.  I bought it at a garage sale many years ago for .25!!!  There was another one too with fall trees and an old cottage.  I sold that one on Ebay a while back...not sure what I was thinking.

So how about you?  Are you more like the "old me" or the "new me"?  Just curious...

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Chat soon,


  1. OMG I can't agree with you more! I am that girl that has 8 (no lie) bins of Christmas, 2 bins of Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween each. And yes, I even have a small bin of Chinese New Year! I'm ready to look through, pull out a couple of faves and save the rest for my kids.... I like what I like now and I'll add a little Holiday to it each month but not go crazy! You were reading my mind Laurel!

  2. Beautiful Laurel! I love all the different elements you used! Martina

  3. You did not need to do much. It is perfect for your style. I love your Fall touches.

  4. Looks very good...nice and light and yet very fall!
    I'm the old you and really want to be the NEW you...I have donated a few boxes of fall decor just yesterday as I was cleaning out the garage! There is always HOPE!

  5. I think I'm more like the new you. I've been going through boxes of holiday decor as I pack, and doing away with a lot. I too like some things too much to put away, so just add a little to them. Love your mantel!

  6. definitely the new you, with the exception of Christmas. I have 4 big trees in the attic and a closet full of the decorations that adorn them. It's my biggest weakness :( But I love the clever way that you arranged the pretty items on your mantel mixed in with a few squashes - unexpected and very cute!!

  7. Awesome fall touches!!! I'm so with you...some things are just not coming off my mantel...only at Christmas time.


  8. Hi Laurel, less work is better for me this year too! I didn't do nearly as much as I usually do for fall. What you have done looks beautiful for fall.

    Have a wonderful day.

  9. It does look nice and I agree with all the above comments, the items you left on the mantle are perfect. Is that a lamp with a water knob in it? If so count me in on that one. I like funky and that looks funky.

  10. I'm definitely like the new you. I'm just not a big seasonal decorator. It feels like moving - and I hate to move!

  11. Hi Laurel,
    Love your mantel--love the vintage items! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my mantel..I am your newest follower....I have to admit--I am the OLD Christmas...18 bins.but only save the very cool vintage, great items......but my adult children still tell me they do not get the Christmas Spirit until they see my house--so whats a mom to do?!
    Here is a link to one of my Christmas mantel's...
    thanks again for stopping and I will be checking you out!

  12. Quite often its the little touches that make the greatest impact... if you Love it, then it always works. I used to spend more time decorating elaborately, the older I get the less inclined I am to & yet I still enjoy whatever decorations we decide upon for the Holidays... if I keep it Fun & Love the results then I've made it work! *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. I love your fall mantel, Laurel...the colors are beautiful together!

  14. Great fall mantle! And as the saying goes 'less is sometimes more'...You have a lovely home!

  15. No need to worry,'re certainly not alone in "bin-land"!! lol! I'm down to 4 Christmas bins now....and truly only use 2 of them. But you should see my "year-round" decor items. They fiiiilllll the shelves in my basement. I could shop down there all day long. lol! You did a great job with your mantel! Just beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Hi Laurel,
    Stopping by from the Coastal Charm linky party... Spied those aqua Ball jars and I was sucked in. Love how you incorporated them into Fall. The mantel looks beautiful and I love the rusty accents =)
    I am a little new and a little old. I have really purged and deleted over the years but I probably still have too much. Lots less then before though. I go through my totes every year and hold each item up for inspection. I ask myself, "Would I buy this today"? If the answer is no, it gets donated.

  17. Oh Laurel, I am definitely the 'old you', lol! When we cleared out the basement so we could develop it this past spring, my husband was shocked at how many seasonal bins there actually were. But if I had as amazing things as you year round than I am sure that I would be quite content to work with what I had. Hope all is well. Happy haunting to you and your kiddies! ~Kerri


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