Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Country Junk Sale...counting down...

Have I told you about the Country Junk Sale???

It's my FAVORITE junk sale ever!  My husband and I stumbled across it many years ago...and have practically planned our lives around it ever since.  It's twice a year sale...the fall sale starts this Friday.  I stopped over last night to help out a little bit and took a few pictures to share with you.

Here's your "Sneak Peek"...

Fun carts...all shapes and sizes...

Isn't this one fun???

Stacks of end tables.

Something about these bright yellow, chippy lockers makes me happy :)

All kinds of metal...

Rusty goodies...

Chipping "Charmers"

Bowling pins...why is it EVERYTHING looks cooler in a "pile".  Do I have a problem??? them!!!

Need a rest yet???  There's more...

Lots of buckets.

That hose reel looks familiar...must be the "sister" to the one on my HOSE REEL PLANT STAND.

You know how I love a good old "Junky Bouquet".

Glass insulators...galore.

Chippy red and rust...2 of my favorite colors.

You saw the pumpkins...they have apples too :)


Wanna come???

Here's the scoop...

The Fall Country Junk Sale
9650 Harding Ave.
Monticello, MN

Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8, 2011
9am-5pm, both days

I'll be there helping out on Friday morning...can't wait :)

Chat soon,


  1. OHMIGOSH!!! Yes, I want to come!! too bad I live in Ohio....bummer!!

    And yes, everything looks better in piles!!

    Have fun!!

  2. Well, I'm too far away. But I see some things I could definitely love enough to bring home.

  3. I'll see if we can make it. Looks like FUN!!

  4. I'm only an hour away, but I have to be in Ramsey Saturday morning so I may wait until then. I'm so excited!

  5. i wish i was closer. i would definately go there!

  6. "Chippy red and rust...2 of my favorite colors." My sentiments exactly!!!!!

    Have a great weekend at the sale!

  7. I would love to go with you ~ wow ~ fantastic junk (ahem treasures) too bad I'm in Canada and way far away ~ can't wait to see what you find ;-)

  8. Looks like a goodie...and I think junk looks great in a pile, too!

  9. Oh my goodnesssssssss! Yes, I want to come! Too bad I am way down in MS! Argh... I am seriously drooling over every single photo you posted!

  10. Oh good honk! Laurel! Of course I want to come! Why is Mn. So far from Tx.?
    Have a wonderful time. (I know you will :-)!)
    Smiles, Alice

  11. Wow, yes I certainly do want to come! I'm afraid it is a little far for this Mississippi girl tho. This looks like a blast. Hope you get some great things. I am a new follower, not sure how I ended up here, but I like it.

  12. Looks great! I know you'll have FUN! ♥

  13. Wow. I wish I could be there, it looks like heaven to me all that rust and piles.

  14. Do the Country Junk folks have a blog?



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