Saturday, July 14, 2012

Room by Room...the "Master" Bedroom

Hello friends...a while back I started you on a "Room by Room" tour at our house.  If you were following along "way back then" you may have noticed that the tour just stopped.  I realized I still had a few projects to finish up before I showed you around.  One of those projects was a "headboard" in our room. 
Since the completion of the LADDER CANOPY over our bed...I think I'm finally ready to show you around :)

So, we are in room #202 :)
(Be warned...this is a little room, with a lot pictures!!)

Shall we start here at our old ladder bed canopy?

The "Mr." gets a couple of stools for his end tables...

The "Mrs."...gets a bench, with a "misplaced" drawer to hide all those books "she" collects :)

We bought 2 of these "grayish brown" dressers from Ikea a couple of years ago...I really wanted to look for unique dressers to paint up, but my impatience won out...Ikea to the rescue :) 

I love this distressed blue tool tote is all layered up on the dresser. 

Looks great with the "sign" over our bed :)

Side note...did you ever notice these old lower case "t" stamps look like crosses?

Or, that an old lamp with a light bulb (unplugged of course!!) makes a great place to hang your hats and accessories?

I've been collecting these dolly dressers and cupboards for a while now...they work great all stacked up for jewelry and other miscellaneous little stuff :)

Moving around the room...there's that other dresser, in the closet.  Can you see in the picture that we replaced the single closet bar with 2 smaller bars "side to side"?  I had to REALLY downsize my wardrobe to fit my stuff on one side...sigh...I DREAM of a walk in closet...someday...

A little problem arrived when the wall anchors poked through into the cute little wall shelves we added...but the stacks of books cover that right up.  There now you know my secret!

You'd never know, right?

Still moving...still with me? 
My husband made me that bead board cupboard for a wedding present.  It lost its spot in the kitchen when we found the old ice chest we use for MOMMY CENTRAL.  So we squeeeezed it in great for extra storage.

Another idea for storing "bits and baubles" about an old mirrored vanity cupboard laying flat for a jewelry box?

I love displaying old photos...these are my maternal grandparents.

And these are my paternal grandparents.

We don't have a floor length mirror in this room...instead these collected mirrors do the trick :)

And this metal paint scraper hanging upside down provides yet another place to hang my junky jewels.

That brings us back to the ladder canopy wall.

As I said it's a little room, so I've had to get "creative" with decor and storage.  There are a few other fun little details I'd like to show you...but since I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with this post...and now I think I need a nap :)...I'll save them for another day. 
Stayed tuned...

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Have a great weekend!
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  1. I love all the surprising storage fixes you've got in here. The med cabinet turned jewel box, the bench with extra drawer...and that paint scraper hung on the mirrors.

    Funny how people just put stuff together and it looks great! Doesn't look random...but well, thought out and creative! You've got quite the gift for it.

    love your room, Pat

  2. Thanks for the tour Laurel, you always have the most clever and unique ideas. I love the bench idea for an end table and the added drawer is a great idea. Love the old blue tote holding all your treasures.

  3. Your room is so charming, Laurel...full of your personality and creativity!

  4. I loved everything!!
    The room is so cozy and charming.

  5. I love that your room isn't "perfect". That's what makes it so perfect! It feels so welcoming, someplace you want to spend time in. By the way, I was leaning toward doing something with an empty frame I picked up at a garage sale, and you're inspiring me to go with it, since you have one of yours up there, and it looks so nice. Thanks for that!

  6. It's a beautiful room~full of personality and interesting pieces. I love it!

  7. Love it all! Really I do! I have a red tool caddy like your blue one. This gives me some ideas.. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. What a pretty room, Laurel! I just adore the 'Amen' art over your bed, as well as the canopy ladder, which is simply genius. How do you come up with so many unique ideas?!? Thanks for the tour! ~Kerri :-)

  9. It's a lovely room, Laurel! So unique and full of personality!

  10. I love all your layering. It gives so much added dimension.

  11. I love all the stacked dolly dressers! You need to give a tutorial for the book page flowers in the blue tote. They're super cute!

  12. I love it all Laurel. Showed daughter #1 the above bed art and I think she is going to attempt a similar project - she loved it, and I knew she would.


  13. So cozy looking. Where did you get your bedding? I have been looking for something in blues and grays to redo my room and have not found anything.

  14. Oh, I love it. Love it all. It's cute that your husband gets two stools, not one. That's true love!

  15. Oh, I could just dive right into that bed. Gorgeous room. Love the colors.

  16. Hello friends...thanks so much for your sweet comments :) To answer a couple of is a link to an older post with a link to the flower tutorial I used...
    The bedding was from Target a few years ago, the Casual Home line. And the wall color is Colonial Cobblestone by Dutch boy...I loved it so much in our room we used in on our whole main level!! I would call it a "warm gray" :) Thanks so very much, Laurel

  17. This is a great room!
    Love your blog- I'm a new follower!

    ~Ashleigh @

  18. Love your post! I am now following you! Penny

  19. Your room is beautiful...I want that 4ever sign!! That is soooo pretty!!

  20. There are just TOO MANY great things to LOVE about this room!!! First of all, that ladder canopy is AMAZING! From here I will just list them: the bird pillow of the bed, the Mr. and Mrs. pillows, the blue toolbox, the 202 numbers, the art work above the bed and the hat on the peg! Wow! Nice work!

  21. Oh my, Laurel! You are good. Really. I'm pinning this awesome room!

    1. All image are rally wonderful. nice collation your blog.

  22. Oh my, Laurel! You are good. Really. I'm pinning this awesome room!

  23. Been browsing through your whole site. Love, love love your style and stuff!

  24. Wow! I don't know that I've ever seen a home with more personality and charm. Your very talented. Love the typewriter - I just posted about 'decorating with vintage typewriters.' Love your taste, space and blog! Gonna have to pin some pictures for inspiration!

  25. Anyone have any idea the name of the bedding from Target??? I really want to find it online!!

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