Monday, July 2, 2012

Party Lights...

So with the 4th of July just a couple of days away...most everyone is looking for cute party ideas. 
I'm not actually hosting at my house this year...but I do have entertaining on my mind with our deck and patio all "cute-ed" up.
(If you want to see that you can take a peek HERE)
So when I saw the fun solar lights in jars Kelly made over at Eclectically Vintage...
(go over and check hers out HERE)
and since I have about a "million" glass canning jars...I decided to whip some up too :)

I made mine pretty much the same way she made hers...only I used jars I had on hand and tied on some twine for fun.

I twisted off the base...

...added sand to the jar for weight and tucked in my light. I was going to leave the like that until I realized I needed something to cover the top...just in case...

So I added a little waxed paper and some lid rims...which I also had on hand.

So there they will sit...
looking cute all day, charging up... they can light up at night.

I'm thinking I'll make a bunch more...they will be fun to tuck in...


...and there for parties...much safer than candles, and cheaper than battery operated tealights and batteries :)

I think it is the perfect party addition to my little buggy pedal plant/wreath hooks.

And I thought the blue cow tags looked kind of patriotic with my red and white petunias :)

Don't you?

Hope those of you in the US have a safe and fun 4th of July celebrating.
God Bless America!!
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  1. How cute and I love the way you have yours displayed Laurel. Hope you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July, Gail

  2. I love them, the wax paper is just the perfect touch. I had over 50 people at my house for our little rodeo parade, we are on the route...wish I had made some then! I have some red cow tags from my nephew that lives on and manages a huge ranch here in Texas, I am going to use those tags on their tree! Miss everyone, haven't been blogging much!

  3. It's been awhile since I've been able to visit. I love your neat ideas and the galvanized bucket of flowers is beautiful. That milk can is to die for! Love the rusty and crusty too!

  4. Laurel,
    what a great little light! Very cute idea, the wax paper it just the right touch. Love the white bucket and the plant hooks with the tags, very cool.

  5. Love your version - so cute!! And that buggy pedal plant stand - I covet it!

  6. These are great, Laurel...the wax paper is a fun whimsical touch! Hope you have a wonderful fourth!

  7. The light bulb went on in my head right now..... I guess my brain is also solar powered, and I have an idea for my house with this.


  8. Such a great idea, Laurel! I'll be featuring you at next week's party at Knick of Time!


  9. These are fabulous and I love the addition of the blue festive.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration tomorrow!!

  10. This is very cute and intriguing -- I do spend a lot on the battery lights because they don't blow out on windy evenings. This makes sense to use the sunlight to charge up the lights for you! Thanks!

  11. Those are cute and so very practical, a combination that's hard to beat.

  12. I'll say it again~You genius! I think you've just changed wedding receptions everywhere!

  13. great idea for going solar. will also check out the Eclectically Vintage blog.

  14. What you should do is put a glass jar like that and a top on it of a design then put a red led inside. That way you would have a design come out from the top. I did this and people thought it was really cool.

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