Friday, August 10, 2012

The Great Room...Summer 2012

I first showed you my Great Room in June 2011.

This is by far my favorite room in my house.  Big and wide open...full of special pieces and collected finds.

Another angle...that chest belonged to my grandparents.  It was the first thing they bought together when they got married.  I am honored to have it in my home.

The mantle.

I know this might seem like an odd bouquet...but there is just something I love about those chippy/rusty legs...does that surprise you about me?

More rusty treasures.

The "Dining" area...where we rarely "dine"... "Studio".  Because quite often this table is covered in current projects and supplies :)

And other times it is my "Office"...since this is where I stash my business stuff.

Yes, that's real grass...and no, I haven't killed it yet.  Can't believe it.

A bowl full of numbers waiting for a purpose.

And another look at that hutch my husband made out of windows we bought on our honeymoon.  Also, check out my Chipping with Charm sign from my friend Joan aka Signs of the Times.  Love it...thanks again Joan!

One last peek in through the entry/sitting room.  I took new pictures of that room too.  I'll show you more of those next week...
Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a charming room you've created with all your awesome treasure. You really are lucky to have the chest that belonged to your grandparents, I'm sure you have it full with vintage goodies. Love those chippy legs in the jar...that's something I'd do too.

  2. Your great room is absolutely beautiful, Laurel! Our house is pretty small and doesn't have any big, open rooms like that, so I'm envious of your beautiful space. All your vintage pieces just make the room perfect!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  3. You have so many neat things to see in your great room!

  4. What a fantastic space. There are so many details and interesting things I could just spend hours looking at all your treasures. Love it!


  5. Your home is so lovely, Laurel! So many wonderful creative goodies...and the hutch your husband made is oh-so-special!

  6. Cute leg bouquet! You have such a fantastic style going on in that room, but the thing that I love the most is your furniture arrangement. I am a line it up against the wall kind of gal, maybe I need to use some angles.

  7. That's it. I'm all in. I love your set up.
    xo jeanne!

  8. Love your chippy/rust stuff.
    I recently found a fabulous rusty old bench at an antique market; I have it on my back patio and it makes my heart flutter every time I look at it.
    Recently a neighbour came by and say, "Wow, that will be gorgeous once you get it painted."

    Arrrggghhhh....they just don't get it.
    But I know you would!
    Anyone else have this experience?

    1. Hi Nan...not everybody "gets it" do they?? Your bench sounds perfect to me :)

  9. Laurel you have a beautiful home! Everything is beautiful!

  10. Love it all. Beautiful things... Love the rusty table legs too!

  11. Thanks for the tour, you have a beautiful place!

  12. love the rooms...that grass is clever. Lezlee

  13. Hello! This is the first time visiting your blog and I very much enjoyed my visit! Your decorating is LOVELY! You mix your designs beautifully! I am following!! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

  14. Looks beautiful, Laurel!
    Love the "numbers" and the grass...
    See you guys soon :)

  15. Love love love your pretty room.

    May I kindly use some of your photos, with a link back, of COURSE..for an upcoming post of mine? I would be so thrilled if you will let me. :)
    xo bj

  16. Your home is lovely. It's nice to know that others use their dining room table as a workspace, not an eating area. My table is full of "to-dos."

  17. Lovely space:) Love your mantel arrangement & I'm loven your bouquet ;)
    have a great week, Francine

  18. I can see why it's your favorite room! It's so beautiful and full of light and personality.

  19. Your style is OUTSTANDING in my book...thanks for sharing your home at my party.


  20. What a lovely space!! Love that your hubby built the hutch with the found windows and the quote in the typewriter is perfect! :)

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