Monday, July 25, 2011

Glass Books?

So I've seen these glass blocks used in decorating before...

It just never occured to me how much the edge pieces look like books until I saw them sitting on the shelf at the thrift store.  Rounded edge..."binding".

...white "pages".

Nice and heavy...perfect for book ends.  Now I'm not sure how much they would sell for at a home project store...but at the thrift store they were marked $2.99 with an additional 50% at $1.50, I figured it was a safe bet it was a "good deal" :)

I was originally thinking of stenciling some words to the "binding" side but decided I liked them better "as is".  Less distracting...simple and clean is sometimes better.  What do you think?

And would you have bought them???  My hubby thought I was a little crazy...but I think he just likes to tease me about my weird ideas :)
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  1. hi laurel,
    this is so perfect for book ends. i have a glass block but mine is completely squared off...i like the shaped of different.

  2. Perfect use!! You have a great eye. I don't think I would have seen that. I like that you didn't alter them. It does present a very clean look.

  3. I have never seen them with this shape - great idea to make them so useful - very clever!

  4. I love this! Great way to put a bit of sparkle on a shelf : o )

  5. Oh yes - simple and clean is better. Looks like they are holding up some great books. I was stretching to see what some of those titles might be :) Thanks for paying me a visit today.

  6. huh. you're right, they do look like books. i love the way you stacked the ones on the right, and for that price, you can't beat it! great find!

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  7. Great idea! I've never seen that shape before. I think you got a great deal...


  8. I have never seen a book shape of glass blocks before. Great eye.

  9. Nice eye. They also look like partially melted ice cubes.
    This is not a common shape at my home improvement store either, where I pick up square or rectangle blocks for anywhere from $3 -$5 each.

  10. Yes, I would have bought them! What a great idea, they can look modern, or vintage, how ever you want. Great find!! Joining you from Junker Newbie!

  11. Pretty! I saw these earlier this week....thanks so much for linking this to Thrifty Thursday! That's a great idea!

  12. Definitely! I think they make fantastic bookends!


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