Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tired...and uninspired...

Have you been there???  Summer is busy...sports camps, dance classes, vacation bible school...LIFE :)
Sadly, I haven't had much project time lately.  That said, I am doing a great bible study...Esther, by Beth Moore.  And I got an elliptical machine so I've started a more regular exercise routine...which was much needed. And with hot, hot temps here in MN, it's nice to have something I can do indoors!
So anyway...life is good but I miss my blogging friends...I promise, I'll be back soon.  Just waiting for some "Divine Inspiration" and a little "me time".  So until then...blessings to you my sweet friends! 

Chat soon,


  1. Hey You!
    I've done 3 or 4 Beth Moore studies and have Loved them! Don't think I've done Ester.
    This heat is too much for me...
    Keep COOL!
    Deb :)

  2. I think your Bible study is important. You'll get some blogging inspiration before you know it! Stay cool.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. No worries Laurel,
    Have fun, take a break, enjoy the summer and we'll be here to see you when we see you!
    In the meantime rest and renew that creative mind of yours!
    Susan xo

  4. Just enjoy the summer and the kiddos. Inspiration will hit you at the weirdest times!

  5. We're all "there" from time to time, needing to focus on other things, and lacking inspiration. Do as you need to for YOU...and don't have an ounce of guilt for it!

  6. Enjoy those special things that summertime with the kids bring!

    gertie @oldblockhouse

  7. I love Beth Moore studies! I've not yet done the Esther one though but I've heard it's good.

    Bible study, exercising, & me time is probably more important that blogging anyways. ;)

    Don't let anyone know I said that, haha.

  8. I always enjoy the Beth Moore Bible studies too! Blessings to you...


  9. I feel a little guilty (just a little) not posting on our blog and the JMS blog...but, summer is so short and there's too much to do, or rather NOT to do! Enjoy every minute of it!


  10. Laurel, I am glad I found your blog. I'm sure you will come back in due time with fresh ideas.

    Working out on the elliptical machine is part of my morning routine, and it's a habit I'm glad I started.



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