Monday, February 6, 2012

"Bitty" to...

You might remember these little bitty flowers I posted about last week before the Junk Market Trunk Show.
I told you I'd tell you how I made them...
I got my inspiration from all those pretty little button and paper flower bouquets out in Blogland and on Pinterest.

Here's how I made my version...

I grabbed a couple of these flower shaped paper punches...

And "went to town" punching out these little cuties.

Then I layered them of each shape and a little button.

I used a little mini glue dot in between each layer to hold them together...not necessary but it made it a little easier for me.

Then I snipped a little wire and poked it through the holes.

And twisted it.

And there you go...very easy, but time consuming if you want to make a bunch :)

I had a few of these decanter lids on hand for vases.  I love the little touch of cork. 
Cork, buttons and book pages...a few of my favorite things :)

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  1. I was out in Buffalo yesterday for their occasional sales and I saw a version of these along with the paper feathers idea. Too many amazing ideas after that day out!


  2. So "bloomin" cute, Laurel! LOVE them! Of course, if you put a button or a clock on something - you can bet I'll love it!

    Angioe @ Knick of Time

  3. Very SWEET!!! Wish I could grow flowers that Beautiful.. :)

  4. These are so precious! I love how the decanter tops become vases. So clever!

  5. So adorable..You have such a unique way of making something beautiful out of anything!

  6. Cute, cute! And I love the decanter lids too! Thanks for the TUT!!

  7. Cute little posies. Easy, but I can see that they would take awhile to make.

  8. They are wonderful. I love little things like that.

  9. Fun flowers! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Loving these "winter" days!

  10. Awww these are adorable Laurel! I love anything made from book pages!

  11. Love your flowers, will have to look out for those card punches!

  12. SO SO cute! Thanks for letting us know how you made them -- agreed, these are some of MY favorite things too!

  13. These are too cute and I already have the punches and tons of buttons. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

    I am your newest follower.


  14. These are so cute, thanks for sharing

  15. So sweet! I think they'd look fab glued around a timber frame too! :) Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  16. Cute...cute...cute!!! I did I say that these are CUTE? I do think you have done another charming project and I will feature them at NTT!


  17. Very cute and looks like they're fun to make!

  18. Adorable! I bought a bunch of little glass bottles last summer, now I know what to do with them.

    If I add something with guests name, I can use them at a dinner party....

    if I ever have one....with people who don't need me to cut their meat for them...

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