Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Joining in on the Linky Blog Hop...

I'm guessing you've heard about the changes happening with Google Friend Connect and the new Linky Followers tool. If not, here's a link to It's So Very Cheri...RIGHT HERE :)
I'll let her tell you all about it :)

As a Blogger blog I will still have Google Friend Connect...for a time anyway. I am joining Linky Followers to show support for my non-Blogger friends who have worked so hard to build up their following...and to add one more fun way for us to stay connected. Seems like I might as well join in the fun now while everybody is out and about :)

I've been doing my best to watch for you and to follow back...but to be sure, go ahead and leave me a comment...that way I'll be sure to find you.

Then come on over and join the Blog Hop...

Find some old friends and make some new ones :)

All that said...for me blogging really isn't about's about sharing ideas and connecting with YOU!!!
Sooo...thank you for all of your sweet comments, and amazing encouragement.  Even though I can't always get out to visit as much as I would like, I really do my best to respond and/or visit those who stop by to say hi.  So if you feel "at home" here at Chipping with Charm...I hope that you will stop back often and follow along however you would like :) 

Blessings to you,


  1. Love your blog! So glad I found you via the Linky Blog Hop. Following you now! Hope you can come visit me at

  2. I came over to let you know that I am following your new LINKY FOLLOWER tool and I hope you will come over and follow me as well.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  3. Just found you and am now following through the Linky Follower! Hope you will stop by and follow back:)

  4. Hi Laurel,
    Just found you on the Linky blog hop-hope you'll come by. Your projects look really fun!

  5. Hi Laurel! I love finding new blogs. I'm a new Linky and GFC follower and would love it if you followed in return!

  6. Found you through the Linky Follower blog hop... I'm your newest follower. Come on by for a visit...

  7. I am now following you on Linky.I would love it if you followed me back. I really enjoy meeting new Bloggers.

  8. Following you via LF blog hop. Hope to see you at Take Six. :)

  9. Just stopping by from the Linky Party Hop. I hope you will visit and follow back.


  10. SO glad to be following ya anyway I can including the fun new linky tool! xo

  11. I'm a new follower from the Linky Follower Blog Hop. I'd love it if you would visit my blog at


  12. I'm following you on Linky now. Just in case Google does away with it all some day & I lose all my favorite blogs! :)

  13. Stopping by from the Linky Follower Party Hop!

  14. Hi,
    I am happy to be your newest follower from the Linky followers blog hop. If you'd like to follow back you can find me at

  15. New follower from LF Party Hop. Would love if you could stop by my page at

  16. Another Linky follower here!
    Looking forward to get to know you better :)

  17. I actually came to your site from the FOLLOWERS LINKY blog hop, and ** I am following you. ** Will you follow me back? Thank you so much when you do.

    There is also a party on our blog today, where you can feature 'your best creative work'.

    Use this link to do both:
    Have a happy day! Hope to seeing you around!

  18. Glad I found you on the Linky hop...I'm following with GFC and LF. I would love if you stopped by and followed back, so we can stay connected. Lori

  19. I'm following along with LF! :)

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