Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vintage Earring Advent Tree...better late than never...

One of my favorite Christmas memories from my childhood was the old felt tree advent calendar that we pulled out each year.  Do you remember the ones with the snap on ornaments??

So when I found these little numbered tags (that went up to 25) at the Junk Bonanza a couple of years me they were always "meant to be" for advent. 
(Not sure what they were originally??  Maybe cow tags?)

After finishing my "Tree of Gratitude" for Thanksgiving...I finally got around to pulling it all together.  Better late than never??

I ordered these little canvas bags from Save-on Crafts and I printed out the little slips from a link I found on Pinterest.  Then I added treats and a magnet made from a vintage earring for each day.

My kids get excited to open their "package" each day to add it to our "tree".

And on Christmas day there will be a special message...

...and a star to add to the top :)

Hopefully my kiddos will enjoy this for years to come...and remember the real meaning of Christmas...
"Jesus is the Gift"

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We're almost done decorating...but truthfully I'm never really "done" decorating.  Part of the fun for me is switching things up and add things here and there.  I'll show you what I've been up soon as I clean up the trail of glitter and greens...everywhere :)

"Happy December" everyone...
The most "wonderful time of the year"!!

Chat soon,


  1. Very cute idea. I don't know why, but we never did an advent calendar as kids, but now I'm addicted to them.

  2. This is such a great idea and so original with the vintage jewelry. I remember making an advent calendar in Sunday school. Very clever Laurel.

  3. Seriously just shaking my head. That has to be the cutest advent tree idea ever. Pinned it.


  4. Love your advent tree! Very creative! Your kids will love it!
    Jesus is the Reason!

  5. Me too love the advent tree! Simple but elegant...I can wait to have one :)

  6. Beautiful! Clever use of the earrings and the ear tags. . .they're for lambs (which is fitting isn't it?) Love the look! Blessings!

  7. Wow, so creative! Absolutely love it!

  8. I've had so much fun this morning catching up with your blog! I absolutely have to do an advent calendar for my kiddos before they grow up and move out! Those tags were/are perfect! Thank you for the wonderful reminder that without Jesus and his birth we wouldn't have this Christmas season to celebrate. xoxo jules

  9. This is so lovely and sweet! Love the idea with the jewelry! :) Thanks for sharing! :) xo Holly

  10. Well, I already pinned it, so one more thanks for linking this as well as the grate tree.

  11. Your jewels look so precious and vintage. I love it the embellishments and I think this craft is one of the must-try this holiday. Thanks for sharing.

    Marilyn @ Christmas decorating ideas


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