Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forever and Ever Amen Wall Art...a closer look...

Do you remember the wall art I showed you in my bedroom?

I told you a little bit about it when I did the "big reveal" of my "Big Girl" ladder bed canopy.  You can see the rest of that most popular post X 10!!!...HERE :)

Well, I had so many comments and emails about the details of my little framed art back there...that I decided to do a quick post giving a closer look.  I promise you, it's REALLY simple...anybody can whip one of these up in a "jiffy"...

Basically, I just hung a big, fun, "robin's egg" blue, empty...perfectly chippy...frame on the wall.

Then I just grabbed a couple of old paperback books I had purchased out of the .15 bin at the Goodwill, and started tearing out pages.
I used a combination of stencils and stamps to add the letters and symbols with a foam brush and gray acrylic paint. 
I think the key is to "mix it up"...tear the pages in different ways and sizes.  Keep it fun :)

After I decided the basic arrangement...I used wooden push pins to stick them right onto the wall...yep, it was as easy as that...

...TA DAAAA!!!

I think I'll love it forever and ever...AMEN :)

Hope this helps those of you who were interested!!  And in case you are wondering...because a lot you you were...that bedding was something I purchased at Target a few years ago.  It was from their "Casual HOME" line...and sad to say, I'm pretty sure I bought it on clearance, because that's how I "roll".  Sorry!!
(The bird pillow was also from Target, Dwell Studios for Target...and those cool Mr and Mrs pillows were (again) made by my friend Joan(Signs of the Times, on facebook

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Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!!

Until next time,


  1. That was such a fabulous idea, Laurel, and the icing on the cake to your ladder "canopy"!

  2. Very cute idea and simple too. I really like the Mr. and Mrs. pillows. I have each side our closet labeled this way.

  3. I really love the feel of the entire bedroom! Nice job on the wall art too

  4. So pretty! Love the color scheme!

  5. Now that one was easy enough even for me - makes me laugh when people show these crazy complicated projects or ones that require tons of measuring (yuck) and talk about haw "easy" it was - ha!

  6. Look what my daughter did for us!!

  7. What a wonderful saying!
    It's so perfect over your bed.

  8. I used to sell a watercolor print of mine with that saying on it. It was one of my biggest sellers! I've always loved that, and yours is so sweet over your bed. I have a Bible verse canvas I've started but just don't get warm fuzzys over it...maybe I'll borrow your idea for a window I have and put the verse there. By the way, I don't buy it unless it's clearance or sale. Best, Vicki

  9. Hallelujah what a great idea! The simple ideas are usually the best. I checked out your bedroom reveal post and no wonder it is so popular! I absolutely love the ladder idea (and the whole room)! It's good to know that it is monkey safe too....


  10. Oh my - loveerly!!! I did a book page project today too - but was - well - yours is better :)

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