Friday, October 19, 2012

Another "Retired" Garden Tool...rake wreath...

The other day I showed you a couple of garden tools living new "leisurely" lives as home decor...

(The rest of that post HERE)

Here's another idea that I've seen "out and about"...and so I thought I'd show you my version of the rake wreath :)

You know how I love to "embellish" things with clothes pins...

...and leaves.

And there you go...still bringing the outdoors "in" this fall.  Have a great weekend!!

Chat soon,


  1. Very cute! I've still got mine outside just hanging out against the house. :@

  2. Very cute idea. Wonder if my husband would notice if I popped the head of our rake.

  3. What a festive idea Laurel. I really like the addition of the book page leaves side by side with the real leaves. Definitely a fun project!

  4. I love this idea! So much in fact that I pinned it to my "Autumn" board. I'll be on the look out for an old rake for next year for sure. An idea I wanted to throw out there to you is that if you soak new looking clothespins in a vinegar/steel wool solution for about an hour or so, it'll give them a nice aged patina. I think it might add that extra bit of "special" to your already awesome idea.

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