Friday, April 15, 2011

What's Your "Thing"?

Do you have a "thing"?  You know...something that you do that brings you joy and peace.  Something that really gets the creative juices flowing and gives you that rush of adrenaline that you can't wait to start and don't wan to stop?
I've been thinking about that question a lot lately...I've been selling at a couple of shops and shows for over a year now.  I think I've tried a little bit of everything...painting furniture, searching high and low for cool "as is" junky treasures...I've even played a little with some junk jewelry pieces.  But what really makes my "heart sing" are the simple little (sometimes odd) re-purposed junk combinations.

Here are a few of my favorites...

A hinge for a photo...why not?

Egg yolk separators for flowers...OK :)

Loved these handrail hardware wreath hooks I discovered at Christmas time.

This REALLY simple and almost silly clothes pin wreath

I've see angels in some unsuspected places.

And I love coming up with unique but simple window treatments for my home.

So I guess that's my "thing"...and in addition to my love of all things rusty, chippy and imperfectly charming...that's what I post about on this little blog o' mine.  And it's so fun to have a place to "show and tell" when I think of something and want to share it with somebody who actually gives a hoot.  (My little kiddos can only handle so much "junk talk" before their eyes start rolling back and the subject turns to Star Wars or Strawberry Shortcake :))  My husband is my biggest "fan" but he doesn't always totally "get it"...
So thank you my blogging friends for visiting and commenting.  You really make my day :)

So now tell me...what's your "thing"?

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Have a great weekend! 



  1. I love creating jewelry out of junk and vintage items. It gets my juices flowing!

  2. I love all your creative goodies, Laurel! And blog friends do just get it, don't they?

  3. Hi, Laurel! You are so creative. I love your repurposed items and furniture redos. So talented.

  4. You know I love your blog "thing"... I love the hinge photo holder! Great idea! You are one of my favorite blogs!

  5. Oh Laurel I can so relate to your Blog Post so I'm delighted to have found your Beautiful Blog through the Blog Party! The Son, G-Kids and The Man can get very glazed over eyed when I'm talking about my Junquing and Art... they love it to a point, but its not necessarily their passion! *winks* So your comment about your Family's reaction made me laugh out loud! And the first photo of those Vintage Doors... TOTALLY swoon worthy, be still my beating Heart... I have this thing for Old Doors, practically an obsession *if you ask the Family - winks*... I probably need Old Door Hoarding Therapy... among other things. *LOL* The rusty, crusty, chippy, tattered, aged to perfection, dilapidated bygone elegance is mos def my preferred 'score' while Junquing and seeking out Found Treasures.

    Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I definitely know what you mean about "the some" that don't quite get it...I have about 8 friends that truly love the whole chippy, rusty, peely, grungy stuff...then others that like antiques (but more in pristine condition) then there are some where they just look at me and smile when I know they are probably thinking "what a piece of junk" or 'what is it and where is she going to put it" Thanx for sharing, Tiff

  7. I wish I were as creative as you, although I did notice that angel right away!

    My family doesn't get the 'blog' thing at all, at least they act like it! ;-D

    Happy Saturday, Laurel!


  8. Laurel, I love that old hinge w/ the magnet as a frame. I must do!
    Have a great weekend.
    xoxo Jeanne.

  9. I remember seeing lots of these gorgeous projects. Your egg yolk holder was SO original. And your peg wreath was one of my favourites!!

    I love your definitely love following!


  10. Great post! I agree repurposing is so thrilling!!! Love all your inspiraion!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Laurel with such sweet words... yes, it is so good to be feeling somewhat better. The G-Son has made a complete recovery & I'm slowly but surely starting to feel better... annoying how when the weather is at it's most glorious is when allergies and virus make their appearance most strong and mount an offensive! *le sigh*

    Have a wonderful Sabbath... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Laurel I love all your creativity. For me it is to embellish my furniture. I like you, have had my hand in so many of these creations, but in the end it's the embellishments. Talking a old farmhouse cupboard and painting, yes, but then adding something to it, well I could do that again and again! I love this place so glad I found you.


  14. Well, I like rearranging things a lot. And gardening of course. And I really like to see someone having so much fun with something that makes their heart sing!

  15. cute stuff! I love the hinge idea with photo.

  16. I LOVE your creative self and your blog is adorable.
    Thanks so much for following..I am following you right back. Maybe we can meet in the middle and you can make me something cool out of rusty something or other. :)))
    xo bj

  17. Laurel..Bachmans - worth the drive. We drive about 1/2 hr to get there. Also the weekend we wend there was an antique show as well, super cool, old and rusty. We were a-gog.

    xoxo Jeanne.
    bees knees bungalow.

  18. Love all your creations! I also like to take old things and give them a new life. Thaks for sharing!


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