Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beautiful Day for a Garden Party...

Well, I think Spring has finally sprung here in Minnesota...and what a beautiful weekend for the Tattered Elegance Garden Party at Ramshackled Treasures.

I am honored to be a vendor at this adorable shop in downtown Zimmerman, MN.  I stopped by to help out this morning for just a couple of hours and managed to take "a few" (understatement) pictures to share with grab an iced tea or a lemonade and take a peek around with me...

OK, so that was just a peek at a few of the treasures outside.  Take a break...get a refill, stretch...maybe a potty break?  Then come back and I'll take you inside :)

In we go...

So what do you think?  Did I get you in the shopping mood? 
Hope so :)

Here are the details so you can head over and join the party...
Ramshackled Treasures
12686 Fremont Avenue
Zimmerman, MN 55398
Thursday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12-4pm


  1. What a wonderful mixture of goodies and displays you have! I hope this summer I can come down and visit your store. We still have snow on the ground here in northern MN. Thanks for sharing your photos, I am going to make it a point to stop in!
    Deb :)

  2. You definitely got me in the shopping mood! I loved everything!
    I love old chippy paint and anything made from wire! You have
    a great, fun blog! I am so glad
    you liked your Flora Doora! Thank
    you for letting me know you received it! Stop by Flora Doora
    again, as I have a "Name the Flora
    Doora" contest going! It's lots
    of fun!

    Flora Doora

  3. Looks like I missed out by visiting MN last weekend instead of this weekend. I'd move to MN (if it wasn't for all of the snow!) if I could cuz there are just oodles of fun places to buy junk.

    Good luck this weekend!

  4. Oh...this looks like a lot of great stuff, Laurel! I love old chairs and I spotted a few I would definitely take home with me! Thanks so much for the little virtual shopping trip! :-)


  5. WOW Sooooo much pretty eye candy wish I lived closer!!! Martina

  6. Laurel this looks like heaven to me! I'd love to be at one of these. I hear they have some upstate NY, I might have to take a road trip when it gets warmer. Have a great time and good luck selling!

  7. I spy a lot of treasures I'd so love to bring home!

  8. Oh my goodness! There's SO much there that I would have wanted to buy!!! Thank goodness I don't live nearby, otherwise I think I'd need to take out a second mortgage. :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing. It looks GORGEOUS!


  9. Love your blog i'm your newest follower! xoox, tracie

  10. Hi Laurel, Lovely pics! Wish I lived close enough to shop there. Did I miss pics of your booth? Would love to see your stuff. I am a vendor without a booth :). My shop is set up in one of our guest rooms, and I hope to do more vintage flea markets this year.
    You are so creative! Love your blog and your ideas.
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    ~ Julie

  11. What wonderful eye candy! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Making the World Cuter's follow along =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  12. these items look so pretty! i wish ...

  13. I do believe I could do some serious shopping there. I'm going to look around some more!

  14. OMG I SOOOOOOOO want that Vintage Seafoam Green Door Table in the first and third photos! *swooning*

    This is a Shop I could mosey around in for HOURS, just soaking in all the loveliness...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Hi. Just found your blog after seeing your creations for a while on Junkmarket. It is very inspirational. I wish we had stores and flesa markets in my area which you seem to have. The flea markets around here are seasonal in the summer and are small and just junk, (Not the good kind)I get very frustrated by lack of things to work with but oh well. I'll keep looking and comtinue to be inspired by your creations. THANKS!!!


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