Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Hinge-on" to a Really Simple Idea...

So I'm still sorting out in the garage...yikes! I came across my rather large collection of rusty, crusty wonderful hinges. I realized how much I really love them just on their own and wanted to come up something I could do to really feature the ones that were really "speaking to me" get that right??? So's what I came up with. It's so simple that I'm quite sure I'm not the first to think of it, but it was new to me so I decided to share it...

Just add a picture with a magnet and "ta da"!
I opted for a plain old magnet because I like the look with the picture...but get out your Gorilla Super Glue and go nuts with your button and vintage "bling" collections if you'd prefer...

Positioned this way it can lean against something and really show off it's layers of chippy goodness...

Great little junky touch to tuck in here and there and all over the place...
(This is a favorite picture of my sweet sister and brother in by Kurth Photography)

Positioned this way, it can stand alone...


  1. Such a cute idea, Laurel~ I've never seen a hinge used in this way either~ love it!

  2. So simple and clever! My favorite kind of project!


    P.S. Need your shipping info for your prize!

  3. Hi Laurel,
    Love chipping old hinges and I love this idea. Beautifully done.
    Happy day!

  4. This is really cool! I love it. I'm off to look for hinges. :D



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