Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Happy Place...

So here I am, BLOGGING!  I still can't believe it...I'm the girl who sends birthday cards, late if EVER...with peotic inscriptions like "Happy Birthday!  Love you, Laurel"  But alas, I realize this is the way to communicate and keep in touch in this "Junking World" that I love so much.   Sooo, I procastinated and made excuses for a while...but then I had an epiphany...maybe it's not about what I say and more about what I do...which is decorate with, collect and sell rusty, crusty beautiful junk!  So here goes...I thought I'd start by showing you my "Happy Place".  It's the place where I start my day...not everyday, but I'd like to.  Peace, quiet (sometimes), coffee and the "Good Book"...
Here's what I see from my cozy spot...
Some of my favorite junk goodies...
Gotta start with this mirror...far less than of my favorite finds.  I got this lovely at Drawers of Davlee in Monticello.  It was "love at first sight"...for sure!
This lamp base was a whole dollar at the flea market...I just happened to have a faucet handle that set in the top perfectly to hold a candle.  The disk spacers were the result of a trade from fellow JunkMarket Style Contributer Gretchen...if I knew how to tag her I would post a link to her blog HERE...  Did I do it? :)
This little crusty heater was from the Mustard Moon in Carver.  I added the clock face with a magnet I made out of an old Christmas tree candle clip.
Love the little shabby rose-bud button detail...
Of course some tarnished silver...a junkers delight...
I originally bought this handpainted wood tray for resale because it wasn't "quite my style" but then I dropped it and it got all bumped and bruised and now it's "just my style" ;)
Last but not least...the view from my favorite little makes me very happy...


  1. Laurel,
    Love that post. I am so goofy with my blog. I need to get back in the swing of blogging. Glad you have joined in the land!
    smiles, alice

  2. Congratulations, Laurel! What fun!

  3. So glad you have joined the blogging world!! Love your cozy spot and all your surroundings! That fan and mirror are delicious...!

    Thanks for sharing with all of us...Andrea

  4. Hi Laurel,
    Your home is gorgeous...I so love your decorating style!! I think that is the great thing about blogging--you can do what suits your personality the best. I'm not a big writer either, but I always enjoy looking at pictures more anyways!
    So happy you are blogging!
    Have a great day!

  5. Laurel, so excited you have a blog, and will be able to see more of your great style. It is a lot of fun, just don't let it take up too much time! I have scaled back, some.


  6. Hi Laurel...what a wonderful blog! Your mantle is stunning! Glad you made it to blogland! Have fun! Vicki

  7. So fun to see you on here, Laurel! You're going to have SO much fun!! Love all your good junk and creations!!

  8. hi laurel!
    welcome to blogland! you are doing how your pics pop off the page.
    thanks for stopping by and saying hi..and anytime you need help, just drop me a line. i learned by picking others blogger brains.
    love your style and really glad you now have a blog. ;)
    judi ;)

  9. Hey Laurel, you're off and running! Great post. I know you'll do just fine and I look forward to seeing more. Oh, yeah....have fun!

  10. Laurel - Yippee for you! So glad you joined the blogging world. It's so much fun sharing what you love (junk, etc.,) with others. (And, you can make your blog what you want it to be - that's the beauty of it!) Just like at JMS, the people you "meet" are awesome!

    Good luck. I'm looking forward to more of your great style and clever ideas!

    Hugs, Kathy

  11. I'd also be very happy to have those views!!
    I love your junk, it's perfect!! But now I feel bad for not keeping some of the family junk. The mattress springs are so useful!! I'm looking forward to going to my native home (I was literally born there) that is 500yesrs old and keeps los of our junk. My father was a farmer, had cattle and staff, so I guess I'll find plenty of iron I'll see differently now that I've thoroughly read your blog.
    CRISTINA (spain)


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