Friday, August 27, 2010

All "Dressed" Up...

I decided to link (at the last minute :)) to Junkologie's at home Junk Potluck Link Party!

Here's what I started with...some spools from my hubby's welding (painted black), an old wheel, a glass door knob, a tin lid and a Lazy Susan "spinny thing"...pretty sure that's what the sign at Home Dept said :)

 My Handy Hubby helped me put it all together and did a little welding...

And I finished it up with a little twine...

Added "a few" of the assorted dressings I keep handy in my fridge.  I know a little ridiculous, but I like a "variety"...

This will work slick for the Birthday BBQ I'm hosting tomorrow for my daughter.  Salad Bar anyone???

And great for flowers too.
Thanks for stopping by for a look!

PS...I haven't much time to really dig into Blog Land...but I've been peeking around here and there and I am so inspired!  Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement it means the world to me!  Have a blessed weekend!

Chat soon, 

PS...this little idea won me a great big Gorilla Glue prize.  Check it out HERE :)


  1. Pretty stiff competition! I love your idea, you've made me hungry, time for lunch.

  2. Your spinny thing would have been an awesome serving piece at the blog party potluck. Great idea!!

  3. Wow Laurel....are you ever lucky to have a welder near by. What a great project. I am still trying to figure out a project for the little wheels I bought at AAJMS (think you bought some too!).
    Happy day!


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