Friday, August 20, 2010

Daring to Share...

Well, I've been planning all year to get a group of my friends together to head to Oronoco today for the mega Flea Market and Junkologie Blog Party.  Well, my "big plans" didn't pan out...

So last night I was outside taking a few pictures and I turned around and that (up there ^) is what I saw.  Yikes...I can't believe my hubby was parking in that spot just a few months back.  So anyway, I guess I have plenty of junk to play with for a while...and I plan to do a lot of "playing" this weekend.  I will however miss seeing with my junk friends in Oronoco.  Have fun everyone and I look forward to hanging with you at aajms in October!
So please tell me I'm not alone is my crazy junk stashed garage!!!  Where and how do you store your "goodies"?  I need some inspiration for the task ahead!!!


  1. hi laurel!
    had the same problem as i continued to collect and collect and collect...garage (which is finished off) was a mess. sorting, 5 metal shelving units, and more's finally beginning to look more like a workshop instead of a junkyard! i've used canning jars, wood crates, bins, baskets, you name it to organize. it's been a l.o.n.g. time coming and still more work to do but it's getting there. once i get it done, i hope to post about it but until's off to work i go!

    happy organizing!

    judi ;)

  2. Awww. Sorry to hear your plans didn't work out, Laurel. But I bet I can go toe to toe with you on the excessive garage stashes...especially now with a move in my future. Egads! You've actually inspired me, however, to take some photos and fess up to the readers of my blog about my "situation". ;)

  3. Thanks Ladies...I'm glad I'm not alone!!! Now that I'm selling I can tell myself it's "inventory" but I think it's about time I "moved" some of that there "inventory". I think I see a garage sale in my future :)
    Good luck with your organizing Judi...can't wait to see the post when you're all done! Candy, I'm pretty sure most of your readers will understand your "situation" you can see, I do :)

  4. Laurel, You are NOT alone! I have a 30x50 barn at our land full and we cannot park in our garage. I don't sell my stuff...........what am I thinking....another sale of course!
    smiles, alice

  5. So I don't have a blog and I am not sure this will show up, but I will try to post anyway. VERY organized junk I'd say... :) Just think...INVENTORY!
    Love you!
    Your 'lil' sis...Hehe.
    PS. Dad says he wishes his garage looked this neat and that his junk had as much value as yours. :)

  6. I store mine ALL over the house.... I told myself I can't buy or curb side shop for anything.. even if it's free... so I've been making stuff like crazy... however I will brea this rule once I am in Minn this Sept! Yaay! Can't wait to meet you!


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