Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Bathroom...adding some "chippy" charm...

For Mother's Day my sweet husband did some painting in our "Master" bathroom.  We went from green to an "aqua-like" blue.  It wasn't exactly the color I thought it would be based on that little paint swatch...but I just decided to go with it.  A bright happy color might be fun for a change??
Rather that talk through all the little details I thought I would just show you the "before and after" and you can play a little game of "What's different?" :) 

This was the last bit of green at our house....

Now I think the room coordinates better with the grays and neutrals of the rest of the house....

Of course lots of "chippy" touches.

I LOVE my new "towel holders".

And speaking of towels...

Are you a "match-y" towel person?
Not me...I like to mix and match colors and patterns.  I went with a black, white and grey scheme this time.

What do you think of my new foot hooks?

So that's it...
My tiny little "Master" bathroom.  Someday I dream of a claw foot tub and "spa-like" experience.  Then I remind myself I'm not really a fan of bathroom cleaning and I am thankful for what I have :)
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  1. It looks so sweet and creative - as always!!! Love the vintage hanger as a towel bar!!

    Hugs from Ohio!!


  2. Really nice Laurel, I love the new color! You have some very cool things in your bathroom, I love the feet and the hook thingy above the window... Great bathroom!

  3. I LOVE the new color in your bathroom! Very cool wooden feet to use as hooks! You are so creative!

  4. yep ... that's exactly what colors my bathroom {and bedroom, and dining room, and office, and website!!}

    LOVE IT!


  5. Hello Laurel,
    Thanks for sharing your charming bath at my party. LUV the clothes hanger idea and the feet hooks are super neat!!!


  6. Love the new color and all your fun accessories. Those foot hooks are so darn clever and I love the towel "hangers." Great ideas Laurel. Thanks so much for sharing your new bathroom.

  7. Ooh ooh, the wheel instead of the pulley! I feel like I'm playing a game show. Beautiful work.

  8. Lovely choice of colors, blues and teals always make a bathroom look and feel so fresh!

  9. I like the new lighter color, love the new accessories! I really like the towel holder...a hanger, who would have thought. It all looks so fresh and inviting.

  10. Love the crate on the wall...PINNED..Christine from http://littlebrags.blogspot.com

  11. I love it, Laurel...especially the foot hooks and towel "hanger"!

  12. so much lighter, and just too too cute!
    love it


  13. Laurel.... is that a vintage toilet seat I see?


  14. Oh my goodness--I love it, I want to go redo my bathroom right now!

  15. I love all your chippy charm updates!!! Those feet hooks and hanger towel holders are AWESOME!!!!

  16. Love all your charming touches, Laurel! Your "towel racks" are just perfect, and the fresh color is very pretty.


  17. Your foot hooks are awesome! Love the new color. I looked high and low for the perfect shade of blue for my bathroom and it turned out nothing like I had imagined, so I probably could have just closed my eyes at the paint store and picked something.


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