Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fish Bowl Snowman...

Hi all...still having fun with my decorating here :)
I put together this "little" fish bowl snowman yesterday...and my kids are "in love".
My original inspiration came from a photo I saw on Pinterest...which you can see HERE.
And just this morning I saw that my friend Lezlee over at Prior Lives made one too...that you can see HERE :)

 They both added cute little Christmas treasures for a snow glabe it!
I decided to just fill them with snow and then I added a few "accessories" :)

Of course he needs his magic this case an old enamel lid.

Little red boots and fuzzy mittens :)

My faucet handle "snowflakes" made a re-appearance here :)

The only thing I tucked inside was this vintage silver heart pendant.  He had to have a "warm heart" don't you think???

And did you see his little red vintage shovel sitting back there?

Awww...I'm having too much fun with this.  I actually have a couple more fish bowls so my daughter wants to make a baby one too...why not? :)

(And by the way...I won that big huge poinsettia plant at my hubby's office Christmas party.  Lucky me...hope I can keep it alive through the holidays!)

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  1. Laurel that is the cutest flipping thing I've ever seen! I love yours with the heart!!!! And the shovel and that hat!!!! OMG it is so fantastic!!!
    I love it!
    Are all your fish bowls the same size or are they graduated sizes?
    I LOVE it!

  2. I love your rendition, so sweet the way it tells a story...Don't you love it when your kids enjoy it too! I think little ones would be just adorable...I have been buying fish bowls for a buck when I see them...I bet they start going up in price! I like to store my craft supplies in them too. Thanks for the shout out!

    Merry Christmas Friend,

  3. I love all your decorations... Especially your snow shovel... I wish we had need of one of those... :)

  4. That is so cute. Am I weird if I love the snow shovel the most? It just makes me smile.

  5. I LOVE HIM!!!
    I love that he has a warm heart!!!
    Awesome idea!!!
    Warmest Christmas Blessings.

  6. I saw the one on Pinterest and I saw Lezlee's last night too!

    So adorable~


  7. Oh he is soooo CUTE!!! Love this idea.


  8. OMGoodness!
    I seen the original one on pinterest before, but I like yours way better.
    How cool is that? I want one.
    And that shovel is so cool. Awesome idea,.

  9. oh my goodness! How clever! I love it! :) did you actually glue the bowls together or are they just stacked? I'm trying to think of a way my 2 year old wouldn't tip it over! :)

  10. L.O.V.E. this!! I am so going to try this! SO FUN!! And now I have a vintage red snow shovel on my junk hunt list!

  11. Love it, Laurel!! Addie will love to see this!

  12. What a great idea - loving that heart pendant. . . thinking about different jewelry designs you could do with it. . that seems to be where my mind always goes - ha

  13. What a cute idea...and I am loving the accompaniments of the rubber boots and blue mittens...cozy!!!

  14. Love your decorating style! So awesome!

  15. Thanks for the sweet comments much fun to be had out there peeking around...and even more fun when you actually act on the inspiration :) Enjoy your day! Laurel

  16. answer Kara's question, I didn't glue them together. I like to use the bowls for other things. They sit pretty sturdy...but I put them on that round table behind that "monster" poinsettia, just in case. So far so good :)
    And to answer Susan's question...yes, they are graduated sizes... Thanks again :)

  17. I love it all, but SWOON...I really love that old red shovel!

    Thanks for sharing again this week at Knick of Time Tuesday!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  18. Cute snowman idea but that red shovel speaks to me!!! I know we had a red one when I was a kid. I love all that is chippy and rusted too. Nice to meet another Minnesotan here!

  19. Nice use of tin and faucet handles in your displays.

  20. Hi Laurel,
    Love your fishbowl snowman so much I featured him

  21. I'm sure you kids are making snowman outside too. Make sure you supply them with a carrot for the snowman's nose.

  22. What size fish bowls did you use for this?

  23. What size fish bowls did you use for this?

  24. So darn cute Laurel. Love that red shovel too. Thanks for sharing these at Christmas in July.

  25. Love Love your snowman!! And how adorable with the boots and mittens on the table next to him! Love! :) xo Holly

  26. This is so adorable...I love the addition of the industrial faucet heads as snowflakes. I'm going to look for some- those would be neat to hang on a tree or in a window, too! The red shovel is darling. Is it a child's shovel? Following, A

  27. I love it! I think I shall pin. Thanks for linking up.


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