Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Candlestick Finials

Do you have certain thrift store items that you alway scoop up? I have this thing for finials...I always grab them up an there they sit. Although they do look quite lovely all together in a bowl, I also had a large quantity of assorted candleholders from an event I decorated for at church last Christmas. And the "marriage" of these 2 thrift store finds make a pretty little "set about".

For this grouping I chose similar colored finals in differing shapes...but the options are endless.  A little industrial strength glue and you're all set.

I love how they look all clustered together.  And like always for me...super easy too :)


  1. Hello Laurel....!

    I hope this note finds you well Lovey....!!

    For me it's vintage fabric or teatowels....I just can't seem to leave a thrift store without buying it up if it's there.... :o) !!

    I can see why you're attracted to these sweet finials....youbetcha....What are they off do you think....?? They remind me of the ends of curtain rods....?? Whatever they were in their past lives they sure do look cute on your candlesticks....!

    Hope you're having a FABULOUS week....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. I love these and they could so easily be dressed up for a certain season! Lezlee

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