Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Basket Ball Hoop Fall "Pumpkin" Wreath

Call me crazy...still :)

Do you remember last year when I bought a couple of these old orange basketball hoop rims because they reminded me of pumpkins?
(See that post HERE)

Well, I took them a step further this year...added some twine...

...and clipped on some leaves.

Real and "not" real.

There you have it...another somewhat "unique" wreath for fall.
It might remind you of another little idea from last Christmas...

Similar...but different.

Here's one hanging with one of my "SWEET" WREATHS" in our new booth at Antiques Downtown
(See the rest of our booth HERE :))

So how about you?  Are you "Wreath Crazy"?  What's the most "thinking out of the greens" wreath you've ever made??  Please tell me...I'd like to know I'm not alone ;)

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Hope you are having a great week!!
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  1. Ooh, I love them! I kinda have a thing for orange right now. Really cute idea.

  2. Love how your mind works! What creative wreaths ;)

  3. The first thing that came to mind was: it looks like a bike rim! very creative. LOve it

  4. Laurel,

    That is the best idea EVER! I love it! Who would have thought!


  5. Very clever! So cute and unique. These could be spray painted too and used for xmas wreaths. Great job :)

  6. Why am I just not surprised that while others would see an old basketball hoop you would see a wreath? You know you have a special knack right?


  7. Good morning Laurel,
    I read your post over at Suzanne's and I so enjoyed seeing what you do..I was a guest blogger of her's in September and always enjoy seeing what she is DIY! I will drop in again..Happy week❤

  8. I am having so much fun looking through your blog. Found you from Meridian Road. I'm loving all of your projects. I'm excited to be following you,

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