Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Old Garden Tools...holding photos and more...

There is something I just can't resist about old garden tools...I "scoop" them up whenever I see them.

With the addition of some twine, an old key and a spiffed up magnet...

...it makes a fun and unexpected place to hold a photo...

...or two.

Or how about this old hand rake?

After using a hammer to pound back the prongs...

...it's a great place "4 Keys"...get it?

So how about you?  Are you "smitten" with old garden tools too?  What have you done with yours?  I've seen LOTS of fun ideas out there...and I have a couple more to share too :)

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  1. Oh I have a lot of vintage garden tools but I don't display them inside. Just outside. Maybe I have to re-think that!

  2. Laurel ~ I love old garden tools and I display them on my front porch in an old clay pot. I love the way you have used these garden tools ~ thanks so much for the inspiration ;-)

  3. that looks so cool! I love how you used the gardening tools

  4. I love old garden tools and just old tools in general...let's see 'what have I done with mine'....uhm, piled them up in the barn.
    I never ever thought to decorate with them!
    Such a clever girl!

  5. How clever of you! I love the embellishments and the fun key holder! I've used upside down leaf rakes (cut short) as pictures holders, so I'm always on the hunt for more of those.

  6. Fun ideas! I'm afraid I haven't been too creative. I lean my old snow shovel against the house in the winter and the old wood and metal rakes upright aginst the house in the fall. I wonder how I ever came up with those clever ideas?! :@

  7. Neat ideas, and yes, I love old garden tools too!!!


  8. Love these - so creative as always!!

  9. Laurel,
    old garden tools are very cool. What clever ideas you had for them, very cute!

  10. Oh yes! Smitten with all old tools. You are so clever and creative!

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  12. These look great. Old tools rule.

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