Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sewing Table Parts...for pictures

I bought these little goodies at a show recently.  Would you have recognized them?

I knew because I had one of these waiting for me at home...the frame from the drawers off of a sewing machine table.

Like any good hoarder collector would do I bought the other 3 too :)
I knew just what I would so with them...

...wrapped in twine...

...ribbon for hanging...

...some "thankful" words...

...and a couple of fall photos of my little "pumpkins".
(These sweet pictures were taken 3 years ago now...time flies!!)

Can you stand it??

I am so VERY grateful...and blessed :)

And I still had one left...so I whipped this little home "sign" up too.

So now the question is...do I take the other frame apart to make some more to sell in our booth??  Decisions, decisions...

Hope you have a great week!!

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Chat soon,


  1. Cute reuse. I like them!

  2. Love it! Enjoying your blog. I would love to have you as a follower too. Happy Fall~Jen

  3. Your new idea is so creative - and then you added a mini banner to the mix. Great stuff.

  4. Laurel these are awesome! I really like what you did with them! The cord around them is perfect! I pinned this idea and I'm loving it!

  5. You are so creative! I have to train my mind to be more creative with things that people would normal throw away. What you are doing is recycling at its BEST!


  6. Way cool! Yet another great way to repurpose the parts of these old gems. Great job Laurel!

  7. Hi Laurel, I am new to your blog and am already astounded at your creativity just from reading your first post! My mind would've never "gone there" if I saw those frames. I can't wait to explore the rest of your blog. I'd love if you'd also pop over to my blog, pay a visit, and become a follower! :-)


  8. adorable kids on awesome frames!

  9. Adorable photo display and kids! I love using parts from sewing tables. I used the same parts from a sewing table to create chalkboards in the openings and loved how they turned out. The shape and size, along with the aged wood makes them fun to create with. It was a great idea to turn them into photo displays!

  10. Wow -- I would never have thought to do that with those pieces -- this is just so cute and clever! Your kids are adorable -- and yes, the time just zips by!

  11. completely lovely and unique - you are such a good hoarder {I'm so proud of you using the goodies!!} xo

  12. You just entered a new category in my brain. It's the 'who the heck thinks to make stuff like that' category. I just can't figure out how your brain gets from point A to point B and creates something awesome out of stuff.


  13. you're so talented. do you sell somewhere or just have a totally awesome house?

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