Saturday, June 2, 2012

Slowly, but Surely...out front...

I'm slowly but surely pulling things together outside...I hesitate to show you because...well, there's still so much to do.  But I realized today that for me, decorating outside each Spring is sort of like decorating for Christmas inside...more of a "process" and never really "done".  New ideas keep coming and I just keep on "creating" :) 
So I decided to show you what I have going "so far"...and then show you the rest as I go.  Sound ok?  So here goes...

I love this old scale and weathered bench I got a couple of years ago at the Country Junk Sale. 

Got buckets?  I do :)  These are waiting on a "purpose"...but I thought they looked kinda cute stacked up there until they can be put to work.

Welcome to "Bedrock" husband LOVES you can see :)
I've been trying to "green" it up with plants and flowers...but that has been a "process" too. Each year we add a little bit and there.
Oh well...up we go...

 And old rusty tire rim planted up...why not?

And an old creamer...but maybe you've seen that before??

We have plans to add a nice tree this year...straight ahead in that empty space to the right of the white chairs.  Can't wait...I think that will add some "curb appeal" for sure :)

"Out front"...
I am REALLY ready for a "color change" but it's just not in the budget right now so I guess I'll be patient.
See that BIG mulch area?  We have plans for that be continued :)

The front porch arrangement has pretty much stayed the same the last couple of years...I added a milk can and changed up the flowers...

...and added green bottles instead of little pots to my naked bench springs.

This hanging drawer is a new addition this year...actually I bought it yesterday :)

Infact the string form the tag is still flying in the wind...and I had to borrow a plant from another spot.  Cheater, cheater :)

So I guess that's all for now folks...I'll be back with more and some junk "out back" too :) 
Have a great weekend...I gotta run, I'm heading out to garage sales with my sisters.  Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Laurel I really love the tire rim and the new drawer (with the string) Nice stuff and I get the part about liking it to Christmas decorating!

  2. I love it Laurel! I love the crusty, rusty items tucked here and there, and used as planters.

  3. Wow, I thought I had some rocks in my front yard...but I think you've got me beat!! Looks really nice, and the tree addition will be just the thing for that spot! Love it!

  4. Your front yard is amazing! Love how you've planted things so creatively in unique vintage containers. But, I'm not surprised - everything you do is so creative! ~Kerri

  5. Ok, those metal drawer things totally caught me off guard... genius!

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 136. :)


  6. You were probably the people one step ahead of me at sales yesterday buying up all the good stuff. I hit more sales than ever with SOLD signs on junk.


  7. LOVE all the rock(s)!!! You have a cool yard! Loved seeing it.

  8. I'm the SAME way -- it's a process (that is dependent on finances and weather and time!). I love all of the different containers you've used -- especially that drawer! Pinning these to my 'outdoor' board!

  9. Looks like your off to a great start! I have some old bed springs and hope to create candle holders out of them. Will you be putting something in the bottles?
    Everything looks beautiful!!

    1. Thanks you!! I kind of like the "pop" of color in the plain bottles...but individual cut flowers would be fun too. Maybe I'll dress them up for company :)

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  11. Hmmm... I like the garden chippy-ness. The bedsprings, the bottles, (I'm saving for a bottle tree) the tire rim of rusted goodness, and the creamer(?) ... I have some wash pots that create my rusty goodness, similar to your creamer!

    love your garden.

  12. Love it all...especially the rusty tire rim turned planter. Brilliant! :-)


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