Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Brag" Board...from metal shelving???

This seems like maybe a better "Back to School" post...than and first day of Summer post...but if you are like me, you've been sorting and tossing "filing" all sorts of fun school stuff.  I'm just not ready to pack it all away just yet...

That's when I remembered these metal shelf pieces I got at a thrift store a while back.

Not really sure which part of the shelf these were...I of course wasn't going to use them "as intended" anyway...imagine that?! ;)

I used my favorite "Amazing Goop" glue to attach the yard sticks for a little extra fun. 

And whipped up a couple "age appropriate" magnets...
Mr. Charming is 8...

...and little Miss Charming is 4.
I let them help me pick out an assortment of favorite projects and memories from the school year.
That was the fun part :)
Here they are...hanging in our hallway to the basement...very BAD lighting!
Just my "Old School" fixture.

And now I leave you with a little thought...I sure do try :)
Have a great rest of your week!
Chat soon,


  1. That's such a cool idea! Totally unique, too.

  2. My comment today is the same as the last comment I made - "You are so clever!" I have never heard of amazing goop - is that actually the name? I have some old metal pieces that I am going to try to be clever with now.

  3. Such a fun idea, Laurel! I'm sure the kids love it, too!

  4. What a great way to get organized. That yardstick really makes it .I love the thought you shared!

  5. that's so cool, and funny...because just yesterday I opened an old suitcase that was being tossed by one of my son's roommates, and there is a smaller piece of metal like that. Of course, I kept it to do "something" with. Oh, and we just painted our basement stairway that same color of gray. Now can you come to my house and help me with my projects???? :)

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