Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Button, Button, I have a Button...FINALLY ;)

Well...it's probably no secret...I am not "techie"...AT ALL.  Which is probably VERY apparent from my "oh so" un-blingy blog.  It's a wonder I even have a blog...really.  And I must admit I've always admired all those cute little blog buttons on your side bars...but even the thought of "HTML codes" gets my heart racing and my mind spinning!  But when I came across this very clear tutorial over at Projects Around the House featured on Thrifty Decorating, I decided to try...again.  And guess what???  I think I've got it...finally!!  Wooo-hoo...button envy no more :)
So check out my chippy little button over there on my sidebar
What do you think?
Kinda cute? ;)

Hope you are having a great week!
Chat soon,


  1. cute! I'll add it to my side bar!
    I'll go and check out the tutorial...may get a knew one for me!

  2. My sidebar looks so much better now!


  3. LOL - I USED to know how to make them and forgot -- thanks for the lead on where to learn again!

  4. Doesn't it feel good to figure out something new? It's lookin' good!

  5. It looks great! Perfect for your blog! Job well done!

  6. I understand completely what you mean about not being techy...I have to relearn how to put the buttons on my sidebar and have a list to put on..I will be checking this out...Thanks...Blessings, Becky

  7. Hi Laurel! Congrats on you new "techie-ness"!

    I'm back from a super long blog break and hope to see you for Potpourri Friday!

  8. I LOVE it! You'd never guess you weren't a techie with that great button. :)

  9. Your button is very nice! I hated my blog so much, and I have very little technical ability, so I splurged and had my blog re-worked by a professional. No way I could figure all that stuff out. Good for you!!!


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