Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ready, Set...Christmas!!! Our booth at Antiques Downtown...2012

Well, we finished our "first round" of Christmas decorating at Antiques Downtown yesterday.  We went with a "Joy to the World" theme.  Here are a "few" photos of our space...

We "crammed" a lot of stuff into our little space...but we've heard "the more you have the more you sell".  So here's hoping ;)

And still a "bit" of fall for Thanksgiving...we are so very thankful :)

So there we go...lots of pictures of our chippy little space.  And all that "Christmas creating" just got me started!!  My head is spinning with festive "junk" ideas.  So here we go...I'll be back with more soon...

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  1. Laurel, this booth is amazing. If I loved near you I would be your biggest customer! I love your theme and the mix of Christmas and thanksgiving is awesome. I can't wait to get my shaggy sheep booth back up and running. In going to have to use your pictures as inspiration.

  2. The booth looks great! I think you'll have an awesome sales month. So many treasures waiting for their perfect home.

  3. Pinning those map letters.........


  4. Your space is much eye candy everywhere! Love the springy angel and all those signs. You'll sell it all!

  5. Your space is fabulous. Your kind of junk is my kind of junk ~ Love it ~!

  6. The spring angel is so sweet! Looks great and I hope you do great! I'm so in the Christmas mood!

  7. I love the theme of your booth! The Peace on Earth map letters are my fave!

  8. It looks SO great! Layers and layers of treasures!

  9. Looks great! Just love your ideas. Love the theme, too! I can so relate to the "head spinning"!!!


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