Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let the Decorating Begin...a look back...

Well I "thought" I might start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year...but it didn't happen.  Time got away, but now I am MORE than ready :)
I decided to peek back at some past ideas for inspiration for this year.  Want to join me??

(Remember those SWEET LITTLE SKIS?)


This CLIPPY HANGER WREATH even made an "appearance" on my Christmas card last year...

I just clipped on a picture of my little "charmers", took a picture and had photo cards made :)

This was another simple idea...I called it "CHRISTMAS IN A CANISTER".

And this little guy got LOTS of attention...FISH BOWL "FROSTY".

And last but not SPRINGY ANGELS.

Well that's a look back...can't wait to pull some of these ideas out again this year...but the REAL fun is coming up with new ideas using other odd things around my house.  Here we go :)

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving...think I need to start lugging some bins up and down the stairs to work off all that good food!!

Chat soon,


  1. Love the angel. Love the bike wheel. I just bought one.

  2. You certainly do come up with the most creative ideas! Love them all and I needed this burst of inspiration.

  3. Oh my goodness, I loved that look back! Now I can't wait for what you have going forward! I'm your newest follower! Found you via Hometalk! xoxo jules

  4. All of these are really cute, but I have to say the bike wheel wreath is my fave!

  5. Yeah I totally agree with you Jennifer, all of them are cute and my favorite was the frosty bowl :)

  6. I used to decorate on Thanksgiving Day but have not been lately since the Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas on Dec. 5th and then decorate for Christmas. But more and more, Christmas is taking over here now too. It is late for me as I am only just beginning now and have to be totally ready for a party on December 12th.

    I love these ideas. I am finding keeping things simple is much more appealing each passing year.

    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are now enjoying Christmas preparations.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. I love these ideas. Your vintage style is so pretty. That Christmas card was beautiful. I have never done photo cards...yet! Thanks for some great ideas ;)


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