Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Junk for Entertaining...

I found these chippy wooden rings at a recent junk show and I knew just what I would do with, junky and easy napkin rings. Thought I'd whip some up fast in time for the holidays.

A few of these...
(Are these drapery rings? Think so but not drapes at my house ;)

Some random junk...

And assorted buttons...all tied on with thin natural colored twine.

And you get this...

I "went to town" and made a whole, fun, fun...

Who do you suppose will get this one? We'll see if they notice, I'm pretty sure my 6 year old will catch on right away ;)

I think they pair nicely with my wine bottle about you?

Happy Wednesday, Laurel


  1. A fabulous project Laurel.....I am swooning over all the treasures in that box!
    Happy day!

  2. These are really cool Laurel! GREAT repurpose for those curtain rings...the rest is icing!

  3. great napkin rings...and I get it *sometimes, lol. We need to combine our tables! Lezlee

  4. I have those curtain rings! They held curtains in my mama's living room for years...think I can get them out of the drawer now and give them a new life as napkin rings...never would have come up with that! Love'em Laurel! Thanks


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