Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just My Size...

So my husband is a really great guy and he does many, many sweet things for me but "thoughtful gift giving" is not on the top of his priority list.  But I think he's hit the "nail on the head" with this one.  This new shed he's having built for me is just my size...

Do you remember this Daring to Share post?  Well, this is his side of the garage.  So I'd guess this would be his inspiration for the "thoughtful gift".  The snow will be flying soon here in Minnesota, won't it?

He designed it with an extra large peak for even more storage son thinks it would be a great place for a "sleepover", but he may have to "fight" me for it ;)

I'm going to try NOT to fill this up...think I can do it?

Mr. CwC and I compromised on the exterior...he wanted everything new and maintenance free but I talked him into atleast looking for fun chippy old posts.  And don't you worry, it will have lots of "junky" details.

Yep, I think my "Little Charmers" like it too :)

Thanks for visiting...I'm sorry I'm not a better "blogging friend".  Someday I will have more time to peek around and chat...


  1. It's going to be wonderful!
    good luck with it.

  2. How exciting! and what cuties! Lezlee

  3. What a lucky girl you are! A little junky house to call your own and a very sweet husband! I have a much smaller house and, will fill up fast:-) Enjoy yours!!!

  4. It looks like it's going to be fun, Laurel!! Your kids are cuties!

  5. i am jealous but moreso happy for you!!! that little cottage studio will be so awesome. i look forward to the finished decor to see how you "charmed" it up.

  6. You are totally gonna have junk sales in that building in the future, aren't you?! Looks awesome!


  7. Laurel~
    Great project and yes of course you will fill it that's the whole point of it being built is to stuff it full to the rafters. :)


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