Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thinkin' Spring

This winter has been a "bit" long here in MN...and that's an understatement for sure! 
I thought I'd re-visit these pictures of my 3-season porch in hopeful anticipation of what's to come.
As you can see we kept it simple out here...which is a concept I'm still working on in the rest of the house...slowly but surely.  We used a few outdoor pieces the always popular shutters.
A screen door...
And my favorite detail...our garden fence window treatments...just garden fence sprayed black and mounted to a piece of painted wood.  Simple but favorite :)

So come on Spring...we're ready for you here at the Putman house.  Would it be too much to ask for you to hurry it up already??? 

Happy weekend everybody...enjoy!

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  1. Laurel, I have to compliment you on your beautiful decorating style, I love the green it's so soft and you have such a creative flair for accessorizing, I'm so glad it's march break here so looking forward to the time with my son. Lets hope we all have an early Spring,
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. You are sooo clever! Love the upside down garden fence window treatment - it is perfect.
    My best- Diane

  3. love love love the gate valance and that door! I'm so jealous!

  4. Laurel, what a lovely room! Those colors work perfectly, esp love the grayish shutters. I'd love to see you post more pictures of the room as spring and summer roll around!

  5. Hi Laurel,
    Your sunroom looks inviting..can't wait for all this snow to melt! Winter was/is too long this year.

  6. Hi Laurel,
    Love your sunroom. I bet you are anxious to spend some time out there after a long, cold winter.
    I love your garden fence window treatment, very clever and it looks great!

  7. Love the gate valance. Doing the spring dance for you.

  8. I really love this space! The pillows are perfect....I hope spring arrives soon for you!

  9. even if it doesn't feel much lighter and brighter outside, you've got the feeling going indoors...looks pretty!


    stuff and nonsense

  10. It's so pretty! Love all your touches!
    Thanks for linking! Hope the sun finds you soon :)

  11. We are finally having a spring-like day today but it is so windy, we still cannot be outside!

    We are planning on going to the Bachman House on April 1st. Yippee! Can you give me any recommendations on 'must see' shops for the afternoon? We might have some time on Saturday morning too on the way home to Nebraska.

    Thanks! ~~Connie

  12. Laurel,
    Thanks for stopping by. God's guidance is with me each day. He is truly Our Lord and Savior.
    smiles, alice

  13. It looks so fresh and spring-y! Here's to the same look *outside* soon!!


  14. Again.... how darn clever are those window treatments. Sheesh, you're one clever cookie!



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