Saturday, August 3, 2013

We Moved...but only a booth away :)

We moved our booth today...

You might remember the "chippy" booth we moved into last fall at Antiques Downtown in Elk River, MN.
We enjoyed that charming little booth for almost a year...but recently decided we needed a little more space.

So today we moved one "whole" booth over to that last booth on the main level.  And if you walk in though the back door from the parking lot, you pretty much walk right into our new space.

Just today we decided to call ourselves...Signs of Charm.  Which is a combo of my friend Joan's business name...Signs of the Times...and mine, Chipping with Charm.  
(I know you knew that...just a shameless excuse to link to my business Facebook page, forgive me :)

It's really only a little bit bigger, but because it's more of a square than a rectangle...we were able to use the space better.  I bet we have twice the amount of "junk" in there as we did the last booth.  We broke it down into a few sections this month...

We call this the "pretty junk" section.  
Lots of re-purposed finds and signs.

More "pretty junk".  
Did you see my last post about the shoe stretcher MAGIC WANDS my daughter and I made?

This is our "Summer Junk" section.  
It's still August...a whole month of summer fun here!

Wouldn't this chippy planter be fun filled with cold drinks down the middle of your table for an outdoor party?

And this is our "Back to School/Vintage Kid Junk" section.  
We've decided to include more "as is" vintage items in our booth.  We're hoping it expands our customer base...since we are in and Antique store and all.

Only one DRAWER END TABLE left.

Do you like our mini spool table with layered vintage linens??

So that's it...LOTS A JUNK...stacked and layered for your digging pleasure. It's been our experience at this shop...the more you have, the more you sell.
And did you notice all the COLOR?  Pretty strange for me...but a welcome sight.  I've been CRAVING a little more about you?

Stop by if you are in the area...3 levels of antiques, vintage, jewelry, accessories re-purposed and handmade items to explore.

Antiques Downtown
309 Jackson Ave.
Elk River, MN 55330

Thanks for stopping by for a peek around.

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Have a great weekend,


  1. Gorgeous Laurel! You have such great stuff and wonderful taste....great job and I am sure you will do even better sells in your new boothe.. Blessings!

  2. Very exciting booth move! I hope to be in MN early next year so I can check you out!

  3. Wonderful Laurel!! I like your use of crates and I've been kinda wanting to do that in my booth. Good luck in your new location and larger booth. Best, Vicki

  4. So lovely!!! I want to come shop and see!! :) Happy weekend! xo Holly

  5. Gorgeous stacks and layers indeed - what a great job staging and setting and fluffing!! I actually love the pops of color - really draws your eye in to explore more!! xoxo

  6. Great booth Laurel... good luck in your new space!

  7. i really MUST come to your store! It isn't that far away and I know there is something I MUST have! Your new booth looks awesome!

  8. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love the new booth! Did I mention I love it? Great layout and awesome pieces.

  9. Looking fabulous!! I'm so happy to hear that you have more space for all your awesome junk! You'll sell it all.

  10. Laurel, love your new space and its sections - our styles are very similar, I can see. My post today recounts our work yesterday, setting up [old] school, but we broke down our summer scene (kinda sad to see it go, but we needed the space!). We have sections, like you, and it's fun to see how they evolve over time. Speaking of space, my sisters & I did as you also....once in our mall, we moved quickly, and expanded. We now keep about 250' sq. ft. of space, and always surprise ourselves with just how much 'stuff' we can pack in!
    I checked out that link for the drawer end that! Too bad I don't a welder within my circle. That is just too, too awesome. Good luck in your space!

  11. Good luck in your beautiful new space.
    Love from the Netherlands

  12. Laurel,
    LOOKS OUTSTANDING!! Luv the new name too.


  13. Laurel,
    your new space looks fabulous, you have the best stuff! Good thing I'm not closer, I'd be broke! You're inspiring me to get to work on my space, it's been a bit neglected this summer!

  14. Wish I was closer, I'd be shopping your booth for sure! Oh, and I love your new name.

  15. Sigh! It looks amazing! I wish you lived in Michigan so we could be booth neighbors! ;)

  16. Thanks for stopping by Every Little Birdie Blog. I'm your newest follower! Love, love, love your new booth. Looks like we have the same taste in junk! Looks like I can get some great ideas from your booth. I wish you much success in your new place. Marsha


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