Friday, April 27, 2012

"Whatsit" Hardware Butterflies

Can you see it?

Would you have seen it before?
I bought these little hardware "whatsits" a few weeks ago at an occasional sale.  I still have no idea what they really are but to me they were destined to be butterflies.

I just happened to already have the PERFECT foam stamp for the wings. 
(By the way 8-year old had borrowed my aqua paint...if you think that bottle looks messy you should have seen his pants and t-shirt.  Oh well..."art IS messy")

I stamped and cut out the wings...on old book pages, of course ;)

Marked my spots for the holes...and then cut them out with a small hole punch.

I used glue dots for some extra "stick"

Then tied them on with skinny twine...for some extra "cute"

Did I mention they even had little holes at the top for a little twine for hanging?

"Meant to be"

Now if only I knew what they really are???  Guess I'll have to head over to the hardware store to find out...I used up the ones I bought :)

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  1. they look like
    part of a clasp hinge
    or something

    but you found
    a better use for them
    and that stamp
    really is perfect

    love the butterflies
    and so glad you shared
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  2. I enjoy how creative you are with little "thingy's"..cute butterflies!
    Happy treasure hunting weekend.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, if I didn't say it earlier..

  3. Get out..... how do you think of this stuff!!!! I'm going to have to have a bin in my garage of WWLD? stuff.


  4. Laurel, I don't think your brain EVER takes a break! These are SO adorable! You always make us look at things in different ways!

  5. You are a talented artist and you can create particular items where others like me would not see it coming. I like your job, thank you for sharing it.

  6. Really sweet butterflies! Great reuse/upcycle.


  7. This is so cute!! I like the way you turned the hinges into something so different but so cool!

  8. How clever to think of making butterflies. They turned out very well.

  9. Laural I just love your creativeness! Wish we could spend a day together making stuff out of rusty stuff and all kinds of stuff!! XO Fran.

  10. How very cute and clever! Thanks for visiting, and I'm now a follower of your wonderful Blog!

  11. Those are adorable! Very creative, Laurel!

  12. What a clever and creative project for that hardware. Love the galvanized metal. Thanks for stopping by with your nice comment on my island made of old nightstands.

  13. How cute, Laurel- I love your creativity! And how fun your son was able to help, too! I loved seeing your decorated shoe forms when I stopped by junkmarket today!

  14. You know I want some whatsits now!! So fresh. Thanks for linking up.


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