Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celebrating Easter...with a view...

Hello friends...have you missed me?
We spent Spring Break visiting my in-laws down in Florida this year.  I didn't mention it to you last week before we sweet hubby didn't think it was a "good idea" to broadcast that we were out of town for a week over the internet.  Huh...imagine that? ;)
We're home now...and the only projects on the "to do list" today are unpacking and LOTS of laundry! 
Been there?  Yes, I'm sure you have...and since I'm sure you'd rather see just about ANYTHING than a big ol' mountain of dirty clothes...I'll show you a picture of my little family enjoying our Easter near the beach...

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  I look forward to getting back to some creating, and visiting next week. 

See you then,


  1. Welcome back, hope you had a great time and hopefully got some treasure hunting in:-)

  2. What a gorgeous family photo, Laurel! Hope you had a happy Easter and a nice break! ~Kerri

  3. Husbands are so weird about stuff like that :). Glad you are back and had a good time!

  4. How wonderful! Great family picture and I have to agree with your husband. It does worry me that so many bloggers post 'live' from vacation spots or announce that they're gone. I always post AFTER we return from somewhere.

  5. You were here for Easter and I didn't even get a chance to see you LOL! My Mom has been in Minnesota for the week, staying in Maple Grove, she said she has had the craziest weather rain, cold, hot, sleet, and storms!!! She will be there another week so see what you can do about bringing some good weather LOL!


  6. Welcome back and sounds like a nice time!

  7. I hope you had a good time at the beach. I'm sure the little ones enjoyed making sand castles and swimming in the water.


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