Thursday, February 16, 2012

JunkMarket Under Glass...March Madness Event!!

So here I am again...apologizing that I won't be "out and about" much for the next couple of weeks.  I need to use every spare minute to prepare this fun sale!!!  The September and January shows were so much fun...I can't wait to do it all again :)
(More info HERE)

I'll be sharing a booth with my friends from The Country Junk Sale and Signs of the Times again...only this time we'll have a double booth.  More room to spread out...and bring more junk!!

Larry (Country Junk) sent me this picture of the gazebo he made for our booth.  Fun huh?  Check out that galvanized!

So thanks again for understanding...
I'll try to drop in here and there to post some pictures as I'm preparing...

And if you are sure to introduce yourself...and Bliss...from Bliss Ranch...that means you too!! ;)

Chat soon,


  1. Now I know how to find you, you'll be under the gazebo roof!


  2. Have a great time Laurel! I wish I could go!!!!

  3. Can't wait to go- love seeing all the new creations!! I think a girl friend day is in order- Junk Market and lunch at the Rooster- great day!!


  4. I'm sure this will be a huge success for you. Wish I could be there to join in the fun!

  5. Wish I were closer so I could go. Good luck!

  6. Annie...sounds like the perfect day :) Wish you ALL could come!!! Laurel

  7. Laurel,

    I hope you have a fabulous show! I'd love to get there someday!!



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