Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I've been up too...

Well hello friends...have you missed me??? Well, I've missed you...

I feel like I haven't posted for a while. I guess that's because I haven' I decided to share a few random things with the promise of more projects soon. :)

First of all we've been doing some painting...and I've been doing some "simplifying" which as a collector is a tough thing.  But frankly I'm just plain tired of the clutter and the dusting.

I found a this amazing color through a friend...she painted her living room the color to the left of my heart...Family Tree, it's a Lucite color.  I was also attracted to the lighter tone, Colonial Cobblestone.  We used it to paint our bedroom in December...and   I immediately informed my husband "I want to LIVE in this color".  It's the perfect warm tone grey...or as some call it "greige".  So we just recently painted our entire main level this lovely color...I promise to post pictures when we get the last few projects done.

Check out what I got for mother's day...jealous?  Haha :)  Well, I loved it and I should since I picked it out.  I found it at Second Hand Rose.  My friend laughed at me but I didn't care...and infact, I think I "need" another one for the other side of that house up there...guess what my hubby's getting for Father's Day ;)

And look what else I got...

Aren't I spoiled?  Really I sweet hubby always gives me $$$ to pick out my own gifts.  Gift buying really stresses him out and I LOVE to I guess it's a "win/win".  And now I look forward to a little splurge here and there :)

I found this little feedsack covered ottoman at Juxtaposition 99.  Love, love, has the perfect little "imperfections" here and there.  Well, actually every where :)
My husband said "so it's supposed to look like that?"  Yes honey...those imperfections add charm, don't you think?

So that's a bit of what I've been up to...that and preparing for Drawers of Davlee...which was open this weekend.  So now I think I have a little breather to hopefully get my house back in order and finish up those last few I can show you my new "clutter-less", ok maybe more like "less-cluttered"  living room.

Have a great weekend friends!
Chat soon,


  1. Hi Laurel! I love that gray color you've been painting with! I'm really wanting some of that warm gray in my house too! Can't wait to see how it looks!!

  2. Hi Laurel I LOVE LOVE LOVE that ottoman!! Martina

  3. I have missed you! I love the grey! I've been searching for just the right grey for my kitchen cabinets. I actually want two shades of gray.
    Lucky you on the ottoman! It's beautiful! Vicki

  4. I've been in the same sort of mood. I am tired of dusting. Got to put more away. Love your things!


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