Thursday, May 19, 2011

JUNKIN' MINDS THINK ALIKE...but different...

Remember this...

My Chippy Welcome post...where I made a LIGHT CAGE for my entry way out of a PLANTER BASKET?  Well check this out...

My junk loving friend Tammy over at JunkSituation made a PLANTER BASKET out of a LIGHT CAGE.  How fun is that?

Don't you love how "junkin minds" think alike...but different ;)
Thanks again Tammy for letting me share this...remember to stop over and visit Tammy's blog...JunkSituation.
There are a few more ladies out there in blogland that I "identify" with on a regular basis.  They are... of famous Junk Fest girls...and fellow JunkMarket Style Contributor

Stop by and visit all four of these clever repurposing, junk loving, super creative and just plain nice'll be glad you did :)

Chat soon,


  1. Thanks Laurel! I already follow Mamie Jane and you, now I'll go check out the other "junk sisters"! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. A great twist on 2 I-good-deas!

    love the rusty charm of both pieces~Pat

  3. I love what creative things you gals come up with!

  4. I love the pretties on the garden basket!

  5. I love all the creativity in blog land, wouldn't it be fun to have a summer craft camp for all us junkers!
    Someday I'm gonna' fix up my entry light, it is a can light, love your inspiration.


  6. How sweet are you to mention me, and YOU are a person I admire so much!! I definitely think we are on the same junk page, or shall I say we are in the same junk pile - ha!

    Hope you have a great weekend!! It appears we may get a little rain.


  7. Laurel,
    What a great idea! Junktas-tic at it best! I will sign up for junk camp!

  8. Hi Laurel,
    I think you are right....our junkin minds think a lot alike!! Thanks for mentioning me in your post....I am very flattered!!

  9. These are both reeeeally cute ideas! I like how you guys twisted the uses :)

  10. Hi Laurel,
    I love seeing what two different people can make with something your card holder (I came home with the same one)!
    Happy day!

  11. Gotta love a good junk re-purpose! Love your light cover, Laurel!


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