Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rusty the Junky Snowman...random junk a little rust and the Target Onespot, a few of my favorite things

Chipping with Charm: Rusty the Junky
You might already know that I love to repurpose random junk into angels, trees...and snow people.

Chipping with Charm: Rusty the Junky
This one started with three circles...2 stove pipe rings and a rusty seed plate.  All tied together with this fun ribbon from the Target "Onespot" dollar section this past fall.  Sorry if you live near me...I might have bought up a bunch at our Target.
Chipping with Charm: Rusty the Junky
His burlap hat is a single banner from a Onespot bunting.  The believe tag is from the dollar section too!!  I can get a little lost in that section.  Can you tell?
Chipping with Charm: Rusty the Junky
His arms are hand-stamped clothes pins.
Chipping with Charm: Rusty the Junky
Finished off with some sweet little baby mittens.  
(I put a piece of cardstock inside to hold their shape)
Chipping with Charm: Rusty the Junky
Meet "Rusty" the Junky Snowman.
Hmmm...I wonder if he'll have any brothers and sisters?
I'd better go peek through my junk stash...

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I know I've been a bad blogger lately.  Thank you to you awesome faithful friends that still stop by to visit and comment.  I am so very grateful!

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  1. I too, don't get much past the dollar aisle at Target! They have so many cute things but I have learned that they really go fast.

    Love your junky snowman.


  2. awwwww! cute! I love the stamped clothespin arms. adorable all over!

  3. You're always so creative and I love seeing your creations


  4. Laurel,
    Love your creative heart. This is sooooo cute.
    Happy Week End.

  5. Love how adorable this is!!! I am going to try to make one!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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