Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Mantel 2015...layers of sweet little junky details...

 The weather feels so wonderful and spring-like here in Minnesota.

Chipping with Charm:  Spring
And that inspired me to tweak and share my spring mantel.
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel, Numbered
I had fun filling my numbered cubby (from Target) with collected treasures...
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel, Globe
I bought a few of these little globe balls in the toy section at World Market.  They are the perfect size to tuck in here and there.
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel, junky
 Of course, some blue ball jars...and some junky details.  I love that those locks say crown and victory.
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel, junky knob
A couple of knobs fit together like a little flower.
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel, rusty street
Perfectly crusty and rusty street sign.
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel,

Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel, bike rim memo
I added an extra layer with this dangling bike rim.
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel,

Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel, headboard fireplace
I was happy to find an assortment of fun fabric banners in the $(3)section at Target too!
Chipping with Charm:  Spring Mantel,
So glad it's finally spring!
I can't wait to get out and clean up the porch and patio.  
But first, we need to finish up that family room!  So much happening here :)
Funky Junk Interiors...Party Junk 
How about you?  Are you ready to head outside?  Or do you have things to finish up inside too?  Where do the days go??

Chat soon,


  1. What a fun mantle. I love all your little "junky" details---right down to the globe in the pitcher. Love it! xo Diana

  2. Laurel, I'm so glad you took the time to show all the details in your cubby. Love the toy globes, and that petaled knob inside the other knob - totally clever! Yes, the better weather certainly inspires, and we're probably about a month ahead of you here in WV. I love those first days best - where the weather still allows for no hurry to get outside and do the hard, manual labor of cleanup, yet you can get outside and get energized. For me, now it's all about the work in the yard, which can get overwhelming in a hurry, but I sure won't complain now that winter is GONE! Cheers to spring!
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. So glad its spring here too!! Such a fun and cute mantel, love the bike rim off the corner....its a perfect touch!! I need to find a bike rim! ;) Have a lovely new week! xo Holly

  4. Great mantel. Loving the box with the different slots.

  5. Laurel,
    your mantle is so fun with all the little "junky" touches! That is my favorite cubby, I bought it for my son when he bought his new house. It holds his collection of shot glasses, looks great on the wall in his dining room. I'm trying very hard to have some restraint and not buy one for me but I look to see if they still have it every time I'm in Target!
    Yeah Spring, it's finally warmed up, now, if it would just stop raining!!

  6. I love your mantel full of junky treasures! I have such a long list of things to START inside, lol. Not sure when I'll be able to finally move outside:-)

  7. Well aren't you just so funky junky cool!! I should go to TARGET!!! I have a lot of funky junque already!! lol As always LOVE your displays!!! XOXO Love Fran.

  8. Love what you have done with your mantle. You have such a great collection


  9. Love what you have done with your mantle. You have such a great collection


  10. Oh I am in LOVE with the numbered wall cubbie! I went to Target's website but could not find it there! I have two Target stores here where I live so I am going to check both of them for this. I love the metal details strips and the numbers! You have done such a great job in decorating your mantel. LOVE IT ALL!

  11. This is all so fun, all the goodies you bring together!

  12. Really Fun Laurel. Love your creative spirit always. The mantel vignette is awesome.

  13. I want that Sunset Ave sign!! That's so cool! Love the bike wheel. So many great pieces here -- yay for Spring!!


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