Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Super Simple Junk Christmas Tree...

Chipping with Charm:  Simple Junk Tree...
I think this simple junk tree was "meant to be"...

It all started with this metal grate.  I have no idea what it originally was.  It has a handle so I'm thinking maybe some kind of a stove door.
The top triangle is a dinner bell...come and get it :)
Chipping with Charm:  Simple Junk Tree... Another license plate from our Fall getaway.  Yes we bought a bunch.  (I guess we will need to visit different state next time to add some variety.)
Chipping with Charm:  Simple Junk Tree... One little "wish" ornament.
Chipping with Charm:  Simple Junk Tree...
 All tied together with twine.  I bought the grate at an occasional sale a couple of weeks ago and I had all of the other parts and pieces in my stash.  Like I said, "meant to be".
Here is a look back at some other trees that were "meant to be"...

Chipping with Charm:  Faucet Handle Junk Tree...
Chipping with Charm:  Simple Junk Tree...
This was the easiest one yet!!
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  How are things at your house?
Here, the decorations are up, gifts are (mostly) bought.  I don't that's not even on the list.  I am ready to do some wrapping but with a sick kiddo here...there won't be any of that today.  I have a fun decorating project in the works for our church...I'll share more on that later.  
Still trying to keep it simple here.  Taking time to really enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Hope you are too!
As usual, I was so busy creating and not posting!!  Which means I'll be back soon with more to share :)
Chat soon,


  1. I am keeping it simple here this year, too, Laurel. I love all your sweet "tree"-each one is whimsical and just darling. My favorite is the box ends stacked one above the other on the stake. It is really cute! xo Diana

  2. Cute and I love the reindeer too!
    Merry Christmas.

  3. These are all cute and easy to mimic... if I just looked around the barn...
    I like the wooden one, I made a similar one last year with old shutters...
    The rake is cute too in it's be-jeweled glory!
    We pretty much keep it simple every year...
    I'm currently in the throws of a gift making frenzy!

  4. omg, you can everything!!!
    ps. kisses from Poland:*

  5. Fantastic ensemble! Love them all. The rust, industrial, reused vibe rules!

  6. ooooh I love that rusty green one! Happy Holidays!

  7. You had such great and creative ideas to decorate for the holidays, Laurel. Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend! Have a wonderful celebration!

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