Friday, December 12, 2014

A Few Christmas Details in the Kitchen...ironing board advent tree and more

Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the Kitchen...
I had fun adding little touches of Christmas to our NEW KITCHEN this year...

Chipping with Charm: Quirky Kitchen...
Here's the "before" if you want to play a Christmas "Seek and Find" game :)
Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the Kitchen...

The other day I shared my new CRATE LIGHT and this little "Christmas-y" corner in my KITCHEN.
Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the kitchen, industrial bulbs...
I found these huge glass light bulbs at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, MN.  I thought about embellishing them somehow...but decided to just hang them "as is".  I didn't want to ruin their cool clean industrial look.
Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the kitchen, JOY filled pitchers...
"JOY-full" little pitchers hanging from the hooks too.
Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the kitchen, ironing board advent tree...
We actually made and used this aqua ironing board advent tree last Christmas.  At the time I didn't share it because 2 of my favorite "junk friends" made similar trees out of ironing boards...mine seemed "boring" compared to I kept it to myself...
  But I'm over it now...want to see?
Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the kitchen, chalkboard advent tree...
You might remember our MAGNET ADVENT TREE from a couple of years ago.  Same magnets and daily verses.  This year we decided to hang the little verse slips each day so we can re-read the whole story on the 25th.
Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the kitchen, chalkboard advent tree...
I added a rusty hinge to the bottom with Amazing Goop glue for the trunk.  The verses, earring magnets and a little treat are in little canvas bags numbered with sheep tags.  There just happened to be 25...meant to be?
Chipping with Charm: Christmas in the Kitchen...

And other than a few more little details...that's about it in our kitchen.  Still trying really hard to keep it simple.  How am I doing?

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How are you doing?  All decorated and on to gift wrapping?  Or are you like me...doing little projects all the way up to the 24th?

Enjoy every minute... 

Chat soon,


  1. Such a cute advent tree! I like the magnetic part...but really am digging the turquoise!
    Thanks for showing ... ;)

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! waiting for you to come do my house

  3. I love JOY on the pitchers and very cool advent tree with an old ironing board. Now I want one!

  4. Hi Laurel,
    Your simple is simply gorgeous this year. Love to see all your creative Christmas decor. Love the ironing board as an advent tree calendar. So clever. Love the magnets. It looks so great.

  5. Everything looks so good and what a clever idea for an advent


  6. I love your ironing board, so glad you changed your mind and decided to share it is fantastic! Because of its size, it is a child's ironing board? And was this the original color? I am going to try and find one, give me something to hunt for because I have those old earrings from my grandmothers jewlery box😊 where did you find your bar stools I love them and have been looking for some new ones?

    1. Thanks Carol! It is a child sized board...and I believe it is the original color. We bought those stools at Target. We were lucky enough to scoop them up at 30% off. I had been eye-ing them for a while :)

  7. What fun, Laurel. I think that old ironing board tree is just the cutest thing I have seen anywhere. It is darling and just so much fun. Love it! xo Diana

  8. So Stunning and completely FUN!!!!
    Merry Christmas.

  9. Wow -- I JUST saw an old board like that at a thrift and walked right by. I DID pause for a moment but had no creative inspiration like this -- adorable!

  10. Everything is so beautiful. That ironing board is so cute and love the earring magnets. I will definitely be decorating up to the last minute.

  11. Hey Laurel I am lovin the simple touches in the kitchen. I really love the new syle. The use of the numbers and signs kinda keep it stream lined industrial farmie like. I like it. we are gonna start makin a re do in our kitchen soon. I am lookin forward to it. If there was just more time in the day!! LOL Yep I am like you right up to the 24th. XOXO Love Fran.

  12. I LOVE your rusty ironing board advent tree, so clever with the addition of the jeweled magnets! Those huge lights are perfect just the way they are. Thanks Laurel for sharing you kitchen decorations at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  13. I love all of your decorations and how they go so well with all of your vintage goodies! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Leena

  14. I love your ironing board tree! (better than the other two)


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