Monday, July 28, 2014

My Planters are "Blooming" with Milk Glass...

Chipping with Charm: Blooming Milk Glass...
You might already know that I do NOT have a "green thumb"!!  But I really LOVE junky planters and annuals.  About this time of year my plants trend to look a little sad :(

Chipping with Charm: Blooming Milk Glass...
 So this year I decided to get a little silly and "plant" some milk glass in with my sweet potato vines.
Chipping with Charm: Easy Ball Jar Solar Lights...
 You might have already seen my EASY BALL JAR SOLAR LIGHTS...
I just expanded on that idea and took...
Chipping with Charm: Blooming Milk Glass...
 ...some of these...
Chipping with Charm: Blooming Milk Glass...
...and some of these...and plopped them in to my planters. 
 First I twisted these rusty drill bits pointy side down into the dirt.
Chipping with Charm: Blooming Milk Glass...
 ...and then I added my milk glass vases and cups.
Chipping with Charm: Blooming Milk Glass...
Are you sick of seeing my HEADBOARD PATIO FENCE yet?
We love hanging out on this little concrete patio.  The milk glass "flowers" just adds another whimsical touch to our "happy place".
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  1. All fun in the garden! I just picked up a fan cover last week. Not sure what I will do with it. I see you have some outdoors.

  2. Very cute love old pieces in the garden. Gives the plants some whimsy. Your sweet potato vines look so great with the vintage pieces.

  3. Pretty pieces in your flower garden!!

  4. Love the extra white color it adds!! So very cute and whimsical around your patio!! Have a lovely day! xo Holly

  5. Diggin the milk glass flowers!! and your sweet potatoe vines are so pretty believe it or not I really have a hard time gettin them to grow!! LOL I plant you do a lot of rusty things!! XOXO Love Fran.

  6. This is such a fun and creative idea. No way,I'm not tired of your rusty headboard patio fence!

  7. Love it. I did something similar with bamboo sticks and tiny blue and white vases and blue bottles.

  8. Such cute ideas Laurel and no...I LOVE seeing that awesome fence you have...keep showing us.


  9. Such a cute and creative idea.. Those are chipping with charm! Love the fence! Blessings!

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