Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy need of a little JOY?

Chipping with Charm:  Jump for Joy Mantel...
Hello friends, I just stopped in to say "Happy Spring".
And I don't know about you, but I am "Jumping for Joy"!  Not that it actually FEELS like Spring here in Minnesota...but I have HOPE that it is coming :)

I seem to be taking a little "Blog-cation" lately...not by choice.  For some reason I am feeling a little uninspired these days.  My sweet husband reminded me that I go through this every year about this time.  I decided to take the pressure off and rest a bit.  I'll be back when I have something to share.  
Thanks for understanding!!
Until then,


  1. i miss you and yourse idea's, so i will be waitinig for you!
    kisses from Poland:*

  2. Laurel,
    I think with the weather this winter it can make for blah days. I feel the same way. Hopefully as Spring comes and tries to stay we will all feel inspired again. Sometimes a break is a good thing. Have a great week end.

  3. Every time you rest a bit you come back with awesome projects. So rest pretty Laurel.... you're getting sleeeeepyyyy......

  4. I am doing something of the same right now. Laurel. Enjoy your little bit of downtime :)

  5. Rest up so you can continue to inspire us when you are ready Laurel! <3

  6. I will be here when you return... Sometimes we need to do just that and take a break. I am feeling that way about my job right now lol! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Spring to you too!!! :) I can't wait for flowers and planting!! :) We got a coating of snow over night :/....but it will all melt away this afternoon high 55!!! Happy weekend to you, cute mantel and have a nice break!! :) xo Holly

  8. Laurel enjoy the break and refuel. Happy Spring and it doesn't feel like spring in NJ either.


  9. I have the same problem and it seems to start with all the southern girls start talking about spring. The same thing happens when they start talking about fall and I want desperately for it not to come because I know what it means - grey skies etc etc. I tried to be proactive this spring and practiced some strategies to keep myself from feeling so uninspired. But taking a break and taking care of yourself is never the wrong thing to do!

  10. Happy spring to you! What is it about this "tweener" time of year that throws us off? Take time for yourself and your amazing creativity will be back and ready to wow us all.

  11. Laurel...enjoy your break my friend. We all need them every now and then.


  12. Hey Laurel, I've missed you but I understand. Sometimes we feel uninspired and have no motivation. Hopefully spring is around the corner for you and sunshine and warmer temperatures will bring back your muse.
    Sending sunny hugs to you,

  13. A blog-cation is always a good thing. I find myself taking them too. Sometimes it's just what a need to get re-inspired. Take care!

  14. It's hard to get inspired in this endless winter! Hope you enjoy your break :)

  15. I'm hearing a lot of this in the blogging world the last week or so. I did the same thing, recently. Just had to step away for a little renewal. Blessings to you while you rest and re-charge : )



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