Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Wheels on the Bus...feeling reflective...

Well, off they went on that "big yellow bus"...

It was a great tears from my "baby" heading off to Kindergarten...and mom only shed a "few" in private.

I'm feeling a little more "reflective" than "creative" this week so you might not hear much from me.

Prayers and good wishes for all of you with kids going back to school, off to college, teachers, home schoolers...the list goes on and on :)
What an exciting time of year! 

I LOVE fall and can't wait for...
the colors to start changing, 
boots, jeans and sweater weather,
and pumpkin flavored ANYTHING!!

Chat soon, 


  1. OH I understand your feelings! Enjoy your sweet school-age's a happy time of life! XO

  2. Laurel- That's a big day when the little one heads off to kindergarten. Time doesn't slow for anyone, does it? My little SweetCheeks started first grade yesterday and I think I shed a "few" tears, too, on the road home. Blessings to you-enjoy the week- xo Diana

  3. Fall is the time for change... I love cool them!!!!! The kids going off to school was always a big change in our household...sad but happy too. Havae a great week. Fall decor just around the corner.. Blessings!

  4. I can so understand!! Your kids look adorable....their backpacks look almost as big as they are :) My "baby" started his last year of college this year. He even cooperated and let me take a picture of him before he left for his last year. Hope they all have a great year at school.

  5. Hey, Laurel- I just popped back by to tell you that you came through as a No Reply blogger when you left a comment on my blog this morning. Wanted to say thanks! xo Diana

  6. Got your email but can't reply to it- so here is a link to the fix. I am a terrible techy!
    Fixing No Reply

  7. What a sweet picture! Look forward to your next 'project'! :)


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